March 17, 2008

I just wanted to put emphasis on the fact that Watership Down is great.

Through marathon reading sessions the last few nights, I have finished Watership Down. Damn, what a great book. I don’t really read often anymore, now that I have internets and can afford most if not all the games I want (both a blessing and a curse) but when I do, it’s nice to get the pleasure of reading such a cute but strong and fun piece of literature. If you’re the reading type, and you haven’t read it, you really should. I’ll loan you my copy or whatnot. Just be prepared for hardcore bunny action.
It does make me wish there was something like it to follow it up with, though… I had a bit of a discussion with Brer about it the other day, I think, and he couldn’t think of anything sort of… directly like it. Certainly not Adams’ other novels. I’m sure he’d know, too, since he does reading often… like… too often perhaps. Well, okay, not too often. At least he finishes all the books he gets, I suppose. Heh.
Anyway, happy St. Sneaky Pete’s Day, everyone… hope you have a lot of fun drinking or whatever. Me, my whole plan consists of putting on a green shirt in a few minutes and then it’s the day as per usual.

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