December 28, 2009

Unleash the Choo Choo Train Game!

On Christmas Eve, I was in charge of entertainment. I had a couple ideas: I bought a copy of Up so we could watch it. But then, that was pushed to a Christmas Day movie down at the Grandparents. So what to do? Well, I finally made the parents play a board game I knew they could handle: The Choo Choo Train game, also known as Ticket to Ride.

It was an interesting experience. Explaining the rules didn’t go too bad: Ticket to Ride is a simple game, and that’s why I thought the parents would enjoy it without too much issue. It took them a few turns before they really figured out what they were doing, but they caught on pretty well.

They both played so differently. I must get my options options options lock from my mother, because she often had to really think about what she was doing, and worried about what she was playing, and where she was buying tracks. Dad, on the other hand, found a strategy and stuck with it, as soon as he figured out the game rules. It was just kind of cool. I love when I get to share my passions with my parents, and show them I’m not COMPLETELY crazy.

In the end, though, neither of them won. They didn’t lose by too much, though! Jonathan beat me by exactly 10 points, and got the Longest Train. I almost had him! Damn. But still, it was a great little family game… thing. I’m sure I’ll keep trying to make it happen in the future. That’s just how I roll.

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