December 27, 2009

Holiday Haul

Christmas has come and gone. It was a good one! I’m sure you’ll hear all about a lot of the stuff I got, reviews and whatnot, for weeks. But hey, let’s get it all out there and give some thanks and stuff, hm?

From Shauna, I got the 5 and 6 Player expansion for Catan. I am interested to see how it plays! I’ve always heard that it’s still best with 4 players, but it’ll still be nice to give some extra people in on the awesomeness of Catan.

From my brother, I got Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction, as well as both Dominion promotional decks! Especially excited about those promo decks. Always wanted to try out Black Market.

From Brer, I got all of xXxholic on DVD. Don’t really love the dub, but I’m such a complete fan that it just feels right to own.

Aesa bought me a copy of Cogs off of the Steam Holiday Sale, right before I was going to! A little, but very nice gesture. Awesome.

Kale, of course, bought be a copy of Borderlands months ago, which I am very thankful for. He also bought me the Zombie Island DLC for it the other day. He’s too nice.

I got a bunch of nice stuff from the Festivus exchange, of course. Bunny hats, cookies I need to try, points of the XBLA variety. Nice things!

I also got a board game I hadn’t heard of until I opened it from Bradley Bo for the Friends Exchange, called Last Night on Earth. I’m looking forward to digging into it more. It’s neat.

My parents, of course, were very nice. I scored a copy of Dominion: Seaside, DJ Hero, and a stand for my plastic guitars! I also got a CHICAGO MANUAL OF STYLE. Fuck yeah.

My grandparents were also similarly nice, as I recieved a copy of Lego Rock Band, New Super Mario Brothers Wii, some Batman Beyond DVDs and a MLA HANDBOOK FOR WRITERS OF RESEARCH PAPERS. YAY FOR STYLE MANUALS!

But yeah, lots of good stuff. I have some very generous friends and very awesome family. I hope my gifts were good on them, too.
Whelp, I’m going to get back to enjoying said gifts now. Later!

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