February 26, 2008

Browser RPG and Homework Update!

So here’s my favorite quote from Forumwarz so far. You heal your ego by using various antidepressants, right? So one of my use posts was “I went to therapy for years for nothing, and I just took this pill and I feel better! What is wrong with the medical system in this country?” It was just… not at all like everything else. It made me pay attention.
In Twilight Heroes, I farmed enough to buy a Silver Star! Which was kinda cool. I’m going to keep that star as a badge of all the time I spend farming, I think. Instead of just farming for chips more, I decided I should really see some more content, so I’ve decided to start trying to get all of the talismans I can. I’m starting with the Ultimate Aviator Goggles for two reasons. 1, farming the Skies Above Downtown goes CRAZY quick because there’s no combat there, besides the rare encounter I need, and 2, that extra chips buff will come in handy if I decide to farm chips again. So that’ll be what I’m doing for the next few days… well, I may have to spend another day farming chips to have cash for caffeinated beverages.
So I realized, you know, I heard so much about all these Greasemonkey scripts for KoL, but I figured I couldn’t use them because I mostly play in Flock. That was when I realized I can install just about any Firefox extension in Flock, so I gave it a try. It works like a charm! I installed Mr. Script, and it’s… I haven’t even played with it yet, but it’s amazing. If nothing else, I have quick links to everywhere and I can right click on my character picture to save my outfit to a “backup” slot and then restore it real fast, which… is awesome. Now I need to keep looking for more neat scripts, I suppose!

And now, on the homework front, I’m kicking ass! Or something. I’m turning everything in. I am up to date. I got my first papers out of the way. I’m not PROUD of them, but they got turned in, and personally, that’s all that matters, because that means I’m going to class and I’m going to pass it. Because I am. Even if I’m completely slacking, if I turn everything in, I should pass with a B, you know? And that’s all I want. So huzzah for me!
Seriously, huzzah for me.

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