February 24, 2008

So Much Fun, You’ll Never Leave Your Parents’ Basement

So if you look, I have a brand new tag for these sorts of rants! Huzzah! Not that it’ll do much good, but if I’m going to use the tags, I should use them, you know? I even went back and updated my old posts with the tag. Neat!

But the important thing is, I have a new game obsession, and that game is Forumwarz. Basically, take everything you know about, say, 4chan. And then make an RPG out of it. You’ve got a good idea of what Forumwarz is now. In fact, you can watch that video on the front page and get a good idea, too. I think that video does a good job… but yeah, it’s a ton of fun, and the interface is extremely slick and ajax-y. Granted, the humor is insanely crude, but I can dig it because I get what they’re making fun of, and it’s sort of a requirement. Anyway, I definitely suggest you give it a try.
In KoL news, I got all my El Vibrato stuff: A Megadrone and the full equipment set! And then I ascended into a Hardcore Boozetafarian Turtle Tamer run, to Hardcore Perm Amphibian Sympathy, which is amazing. I forgot to untinker my meatcar AGAIN, which is just genius of me. Anyway, I suck at Hardcore runs even more than my Softcore runs, so I’m sure I’ll be playing this one for a few months, but eh, since I’m now playing this and Forumwarz and Twilight Heroes full time, I suppose going a little slower at KoL for awhile isn’t a bad thing by any means…
I also realized today that I probably spend more time now playing this stuff than I did back when I used to play WoW. That’s all kind of crazy to me, because part of why I like these games and keep coming back to them is because they are less of a time investment… and yet I spend so much time at them, that’s pretty well a lie. Oh well, I’m having fun.

Hey there, co-creator Jalapeno here. Just wanted to say thanks for the shout-out and for allowing non-registered people to post on your blog. Glad you like the game!

Comment by Jalapeno Bootyhole — March 2, 2008 @ 8:20 pm

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