February 18, 2008

A Life Is Pretty Awesome Update

So, you know, time to brag. The Diesel Sweeties guy twittered this, then I responded, and then he twittered this back. I feel all special. He likes the cut of my jib! I’m so proud of my jib now!

In other news, I have been in a great fucking mood! I blame MYSTERY, the thing I’m doing that I dare not speak of, for I feel it will lose its magic. So I won’t! But it’s silly and fun and it’s improving my mood, and I think that’s the good part, hm? Even Mom was all like “wow, someone is in a good mood today.” So I’m in a good mood. That’s good!

I also beat Hard Solo Guitar in Rock Band, and Sass of Potatoes is Big in Rome! And last night was like… the best Halo night we’ve had in a long fucking while… and… well, things are just pretty awesome, I guess. I’m even keeping up with homework! It’s all awesome. Yes. Awesome.

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