November 28, 2009

These “Dok-torz,” they’re actually pretty nice.

There have been a lot of posts since I first mentioned being ill?
I’ve been sick the whole time.

At some point I managed to get all those other posts cued up. I can’t even remember when! But yeah, I’ve basically been in bed the whole time since. Though I took a break to pretend I was well on Tuesday, and did a lot of work, and then, you know, only made myself worse and much, much more sick.

So yeah, I missed Thanksgiving, so I finally said I’d had enough, and I went and I went, with my mother as backup, to the doctor on Black Friday morning. Apparently I did not have pig flu! But I did have bronchitis. What followed was a whole, whole lot of prescriptions being written, and me trying to deal with some comically huge pills. Also, I think my health insurance didn’t work for no reason? I dunno, future battle.

The point is, it’s been a few hours since I took those pills, used this inhaler, etc? I already feel tons, tons better.

I always hesitate to get doctors involved and stuff. I don’t really know why. I can’t say I have a good reason. But man, if these drugs keep working like this? Maybe I should give up on my pride and just go the moment I get sick, you know?
Then again, nobody can remember a time when I have been more sick than this, so…

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be back on my feet soon. Yep.

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