February 15, 2008

Somebody make this game for me.

I’d do it, but I don’t know how to program and I can’t even get Role Playing off the ground in the time frame I want, (It’s temporarily tabled, which, though disappointing, I’m calling perfectly fine as long as I don’t fall behind in school) so this is for some random person out there.

I want Persona 3 KoL.
Well, sort of. I want a game like KoL, which is mostly browser and text based. But I want it to work like this. You have persona, if you will. Call them something else, probably. But these sort of… spirits that live inside you and are based on your personality. Now, in Persona 3,  these represent the character’s personalities decently, though not for your main character, cause you can flop them around all you want, and they’re sort of like Pokemon that you train and crossbreed and shit. So let’s combine those two.
You collect these persona spirits, and you equip one, and this changes your character’s personality. Equip this one, and your character is all emo, equip this one, and your character is a complete dick, equip this one, and your character is a goody two-shoes, equip this one, and your character is a pure Mr. Clean Trousers. So during the day, you go and interact with NPCs or whatever. And depending on your personality, you’re going to have different adventures and different options to deal with things. Perhaps even what personality you start a quest with could affect the way it goes. Say if you start out being nice, then the quest becomes helping someone out, but if you start out as an asshole, the quest turns into trying to steal something that was already stolen for yourself.
As far as combat, I feel you could have actual combat too, in a Persona sort of “dark hour” kind of way, but it would also be neat if it could all be metaphorical sorts of combat to deal with various situation. Not real combat, just an abstraction of conversation shown with hit points and magic attacks and whatnot.
Granted, this would take a TON of writing, even more than something like KoL or whatever. But I would love it. That’s the general idea. Basically, a game with supernatural elements but which is based mostly on social interactions, I suppose. Or hell, just a game based mostly on social interactions in a neat way would make me very happy.

Other ideas I have that I think could tie into this concept would be the idea of having a “Soul Link” which was another player character that you would connect yourself to and help you out in some way. Perhaps who would become an NPC in the story somehow. Perhaps helping you out in battle “KoL familiar” style without actually being there, but giving the actual character some sort of cost and bonus for doing so. Granted, every way I think of to make this work in a neat way would be crazily exploitable with the idea of multis, which is kind of unfortunate, because I think that takes away the coolness, but I like the idea anyway.

I also see a problem with making this game work in that the main way I see games like this paying for themselves that seems to work well and I’m all for is this “item of the month” model, and I don’t know how this sort of model could be adapted to my idea. I think the likelihood of having equipment in any normal fashion would be very low. I don’t know.

Anyway, I got the idea down. Feel free to steal it, and I’ll play your game all day. Steal it and adapt it into some sort of card-based game, and I’d probably marry you. Or something.

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