February 15, 2008

Only You Can Make Sure I Do My Homework! Or something.

Here are my plans for the weekend, so you can make me stick to them, whoever you are.
Tonight: Laziness, board games.
Saturday: Write majority of long, harder paper. THEN laziness.
Sunday: Write all of tiny, no stress, easy paper (seriously, our sources don’t even have to be peer reviewed. Weird), Halo night.
Monday which isn’t technically part of the weekend but whatever: Turn in tiny paper, finish long, harder paper.
If I do that, I will be CAUGHT UP ON HOMEWORK and I will not be stressed. Yay? Yay.

In other news, I was fairly sick, but I’m better now. Also, I’ve got all the software people have found so far in Twilight Heroes now, which is awesome, and tomorrow I should have the crazy hard space station open… also, I got the Delayed Gratification Merit Badge. Whee?
I feel like maybe I should be grinding for Silver Stars and stuff like everyone else in the game seems to be, but I dunno. I don’t mind donating for that sort of stuff, and grinding without even the vaguest of goals is boring. Or something. We’ll see, I guess.

I guess I should keep being good and go to class now, huh?

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