February 6, 2008

Liveblogging Sarcasmorator’s Listening Time Mix

I’m bored and lost, and I should do something constructive. So I’ll knock another one of these out! Huzzah! Apparently I have Copy #1 of this signed and numbered series, so that’s exciting. also, Sarcasmorator put the track list online so I can just copy and paste, saving me valuable time.

Sarcasmorator’s Talking Time MEGAMIX

One: “I Only Want You” – Eagles of Death Metal: One Two, One Two Three Foarr. Okay, here’s some guitar… and some… weird vocals? Well, not weird, just… oddly falsetto…? Yeah, I don’t know about that singing, but the guitar is kinda catchy, isn’t it? Also, the refrain is also catchy. I only WANT YUUU! I only WANT YUUU! Heh, I dunno. Yeah, this is alright. I don’t see myself listening to it again, but this is alright. Woah, complete silence… and back! And again! Woah!

Two: “Trunk Fulla Amps” – Self: Okay, we got some guitar being all guitary… and what’s that kind of noise called… I don’t know… and some beeps… OH NOS, F-BOMBS! My poor virgin ears. But yeah, there isn’t much going on with the vocals just repeating the same thing over and over, and the music is only slightly changing, although again, it’s kinda catchy. But yeah, you’ve got basically most of what they say in the title there. Now we have this bridge here… and it’s… I wanna say tropical-sounding? Which is interesting. I don’t know why I think that, perse…there’s like some… sleighbell in there, too. Thrilling. Oh, it’s coming back… I wonder if he still has a trunk fulla amps… oh, no, still some… oh, okay, now he’s starting again. And I’m happy to report he still has a trunk full of amps. Also, FUCKA! Fucka! fucka! Alright!

Threep: “Plug In Baby” – Muse: Yes, there seems to be a typo, but I like the sound of “Threep.” So I’m not changing it. All kinda noisy here at the beginning… and now we have a guitar solo… kind of electric-y sounds, but not blippy… Oh, wait, Muse… they did that Knights of Cydonia song that apparently everyone but me likes, right? Am I crazy? I could be crazy. Anyway, I thought that song was pretty mediocre, either way… and this song is approaching Rock Song to me, although not quite, because the guitars are different… but… hmm… let’s see… yeah I’m… I’m not focusing on the song. That’s a bad sign. HOOOOO-OOOOH-OOOOOOOOOH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! And then guitars till the end, I guess? Oh, just one sustained note till the end. I see.

Four: “Prelude to War” – Battlestar Galactica Season 2: BSG, huh? Another thing my boyfriend would like me to watch with him but didn’t keep my interest. I take it this is just an instrumental track… although I admit I’d laugh if you’d get a guy in there going like… “A PRELUDE TO WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR WAR IS COMING THEY’RE COMING THE CYLONS ARE COMING WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR! A PRELUDE TO WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!” But no, instead you have some nice strings here and there’s that kinda marching drum beat in the background, which I suppose is appropriate if you’re writing a musical piece to invoke the concept of war. In general, though, I find such music, even if completely awesome, to have little effect on me if I don’t already have some sort of emotional connection to the music. Case in point, the Smash Brothers Brawl Soundtrack. I’m sure there are lots better music out there than, say, this Kirby Boss Medley, but that music isn’t connected with all the fun I’ve had with all the Kirby games over the years, and that Medley just kicks ass, you know? And now we’re into marching band drum solo, I see… uh oh, and now here’s… oh, it went back to normal, I thought it was doing some like… mysterious spooky thing there for a second. But yeah, it keeps on going. It’s over halfway done… I think I’m just going to ramble about me and orchestral pieces more… like how I find them really useful for writing but I can’t listen to them much otherwise? It’s because normal music has lyrics and lyrics fill the word part of my brain while I’m trying to sing along, you see? What? That doesn’t make sense? Oh well. But yeah, this is a nice background piece, but especially at the length it just fades into the background for me. See, it was building there and I thought it was going to do something different, but it was just one big note and then it went back to normal. Oh well. And here’s a slow calm part for awhile with no drums… but I like the drums, that’s what gives it energy, you know? Okay, well, it’s adding more and more instruments and building back up now. Yeah, this is a nice little piece, certainly. Just, as I said, I only use this sort of thing in really specific situations, and even then, it needs to be energetic. Me and energetic music, we’re good friends. I think it’s almost over now…? Yeah, okay, there we go.

Five: “Big in Japan” – Tom Waits: Big in Japan, eh? How big are we talking, hm? Oh well, there’s some sort of sawing going on… and now we got some guitar. Woah, what’s up with that guy’s voice? Got some sort of effect on it, I think? But it’s weirdly kinda subtle. Man, that’s a weird voice. He’s got the truck, so he’s big in Japan…? Moves…? Cheese…? What? I think he’s just naming off random objects now. Or does Japan really like Cheese? I mean, I’m sure cheese is alright to them, but… Yeah, this guy’s voice is just annoying and weird, goodness… and the rest of the background stuff isn’t interesting enough to pull me into it anyway. I just realized, is Tom Waits a person or is it a sentence? Oh well, it doesn’t matter. Also, is having a whole nation on their knees a sexual thing? Or is my brain just going there because my brain goes there? Then again, it is called “Big in Japan.” I don’t know. Man, I don’t like this guy’s voice. Did I say that? I think he’s done singing now, though.

Six: “15 Step” – Radiohead: Ooh, that’s not too bad… okay, now he’s singing… still not too bad… let’s see what happens… I don’t know Radiohead. Even when they put up their album for free I didn’t try it. I don’t know what that says about me. I just never had a reason to want to try them, I guess? I wasn’t expecting it to be so electronic… with the MIDI claps in the background and whatever, you know? I mean, I dunno what I was expecting, either. This is a nice song, though. Here’s some ooohs… and now back to the normal stuff… Etcetera, etcetera… some electric-y bridge here… oh, okay, they brought the bass back in… yeah… that’s nice. This song, I am enjoying. Maybe I have made a mistake not trying In Rainbows or whatever that one they put up was. Yeah. Yeah, that was pretty good. I’d like to see if they did something even more upbeat.

Seven: “Knives Out” – The Flaming Lips: More Flaming Lips, huh? You guys have certianly made me listen to more of them than ever before, and I see ViolentVixen’s CD has another track on it. They haven’t grabbed me so far, though. This is looking like slower paced piano piece, so it probably isn’t going to do much for me just on the basis of being slower. Oh man, yeah, any song telling me to slow down is probably not in sync with my normal music aesthetic. Not at all not at all. Yeah, this song just keeps going and going and going and going and I’m not interested, really… a lot of talk of catching the mouse, though. I’m pointlessly tempted to attempt to make that into some sort of euphemism. “I’m catching the mouse, if you know what I mean, wink wink, nudge nudge.” And now we’re into long instrumental portion that isn’t really changing it up from the rest of the song at all. Aaaaand it’s over.

Eight: “Lose Me” – Denali: Uh oh, this is sounding slow too. Doesn’t look good for me. There’s some cymbal… oh, female vocals… yeah, the chances of this picking up is pretty well nil, and the lyrics aren’t catching me enough… sometimes I feel bad at how I just hate slow songs for no real reason, but that is just how i am, I suppose. I could force an appreciation on myself, but that doesn’t sound like very much fun, does it? Well, it doesn’t to me. I’ve been trying to force an appreciation of older literature and poetry and stuff for years and years of college and haven’t succeeded at all. Oh, it ended.

Nine: “The Greatest” – Cat Power: Oh man, and I had such hope for a band named “Cat Power.” I’ll be honest, all these slower songs are not helping me stay awake… my body has been trying to force me to nap, and here I am trying to keep myself up by doing something constructive and here we go. But this has some nice harmony going with the vocals and the stuff… but yeah… more piano and slow music and singing that’s just sort of over this slow plotting piano… and I guess there’s some strings in there… violin? Or something. Well, that ended kind of abruptly.

Ten: “Strangers in the Night” – Cake: Okay, so all those things I’ve said up there about me not liking slow songs and stuff? For some reason it rarely applies to Cake. I like Cake. And I like this cover of Strangers in the Night. I don’t claim to be able to explain it. I’m sure the brass helps, though. Brass is nice. Also, the VIBRASLAP. I used to play the Vibraslap. It was GOOD STUFF. Anyway, I mean, granted, I wouldn’t listen to this like… a lot… like how I normally put songs on endless repeat? I couldn’t do that with this. But I like it.

Eleven: “Some Solex” – Solex: Accordion? Nice. Oh, and female vocals… and… that’s… weird noises… huh. See, I like the basic melody but it always ends with these noises and that light cymbal hit that my brain tells me sounds like a puff of steam…? And that bothers me. But the simple whatever is nice… yeah, you… you have a lot of this short thing repeated over and over under music, don’t you? Yeah, that’s something a lot of this CD has in common… I do kinda like those vocals too, although I’d like them applied to another song than this one, which I don’t think I like overall. It’s got these parts that are nice? It… It makes me think that I’d like other parts of their album or something. See, that “Some Girl EH eh…” part I think I’d like very much if it was over different music. It’s just so weird as to be distracting and not engaging.

Twelve: “She’s a Rejector” — Of Montreal: This is reminding me of something, but hell if I can remember what… woah, that’s… some interesting vocals there too. Not annoying, but unexpected. Come on, song, Break It Down after this. I think you have potential. Aww, not quite as much as I wanted. Still, I think I’m liking this song. This is a weird Bridge, though. Oh no, she’s a rejector. No no no… no no… yeah, this song isn’t bad. Yeah. Only halfway over, though? It feels most of the way over… I wonder what the song is going to do… or if it’s really going to fade out that slowly… songs need to know when to stop. if it would stop about here that would be nice, but it’s going to go on and on and stuff to make me feel like I need to invest more time than I should into the song… that always annoys me. Just keeps on going. Keeps on going. Bleh.

Thirteen: “Soft Velvety ‘Fer” – MC Honky: MC Honky… are we going to have a lot of bicycle horns in the song? Oh, okay, apparently a voicemail message. Some intense talk about dinner. Oh, and apparently it’s going to be remixed for the whole song…? Or just played over the song. I don’t think using them as the beat is really working. At least in my opinion. I mean, the voicemail messages are kinda cool in that weird sort of way. Oh, and there’s the name of the song. Aww, being very proud of the dog. See, that’s nice. Well, I guess except because she’s humiliated. Gotta be proud of your own. But yeah, this is surprisingly interesting. Weirdly interesting. Never going to listen to it again, but weirdly interesting.

Fourteen: “The Shape of Things to Come” – Battlestar Galactica Season 1: More BSG… this is from Season 1, so maybe I’ve heard it? I’ve watched like… 6, 7 episodes or something or other. But okay, yeah, it’s just an orchestral piece, right. It’s got that steady thing over and over behind it though, like I mentioned most of the CD having earlier. Yeah, again, there’s nothing wrong with this. It’s charming enough, but it’s not doing anything for me without… something for it to color. Does that make sense? Like without a scene for this to splash emotional feelings onto, it just feels kind of… wasted… kind of half done in my eyes. I guess that’s because that’s how I normally experience these orchestral works, while watching a movie or playing a game or something.

Fifteen: “Horse Tears” – Goldfrapp: Now I like Goldfrapp, quite a bit, actually, but I don’t recognize this title, which makes me think it’s on Felt Mountain, which is the only one of hers I don’t have. I don’t claim to know WHY I don’t have that one… then again, it could just be one I never liked and forgot the name of… yeah, it’s all slow and stuff… yeah, this is the other flavor of her stuff that I tend to be pretty mediocre on. I don’t know. It just doesn’t do much for me. Also, I prefer the more electronicish stuff. Heh. Anyway, it too has that piano bum Bah bum Bah over and over constantly like most of the songs have… does all that even make sense? It has this short like… 1 to 2 measure repeating pattern… yeah, it’s ending with a long instrumental, isn’t it. But hey, I think I hear some Theramin. Now there’s a cool instrument! If it’s not a theramin, it should be, dammit. I have decreed it to be so.

Well, alright, that CD definately had a few hits for me, but at least as many misses, if not more. But so it goes, I guess. It was supposedly over a wide range of musical tastes, or at least Sarcasmorator’s musical taste range, but I felt they all had a lot in common. Hm.

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