October 24, 2009

The “I’m alone at home with the dog” diaries, Day the Final.

By the way, I typed the title as “I’m alone at home with the god” three times before I managed to type it correctly.

So the parents are back, and I survived the dog. Good for me!

Overall, it was a fairly positive experience. I got her to actually eat her dog food, which was good. She slept with me in my bed pretty well without issue and without waking me up at odd hours, which is awesome.

Still, she was really kind of annoying at times. She does NOT like being near my computer, and still constantly tried to get me away from it. Eventually, she gave up, and decided to climb into my lap while I was on the computer. This created its own issues, because she would keep moving around, making it near impossible to type, and leap up any time I readjusted myself in the chair to try to make me run to a more suitable location.

Still, all in all, I have no complaints. She was mostly behaved. I got along with my life normally with no issues.

She sure made quite a mess downstairs, though, which I didn’t have a chance to clean up. Oh well.
Back to business as usual, I suppose.

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