October 19, 2009

The “I’m alone at home with the dog” Diaries, Day 2.

Molly does not like that I hang out in non-Molly approved places.

She does not like the computer room at all, and, well… that’s kind of where I spend, oh, 95% of my leisure time. All day she has been trying to get me out of the room constantly. I gave in a few times, but then I’m like, “Fuck it, I have Brutal Legend to play.’ So I stopped giving in. So she got more insistent. So I said “Okay, let’s compromise. I’ll sit on the couch while I play so you can sit with me.” That helped for a little while, but then she started climbing all over me and trying to lick me until I stood up.
This kind of behavior is really cute when I don’t feel bad locking her out of the room when I’m fed up with it, because she can just go back to my parents. In short bursts, it’s really cute. “Aww, she wants my attention!” When I’m alone, and I don’t want to lock her out? It’s really aggravating. My temper started flaring. It was difficult resisting pushing her away forcefully. It pretty well sucked.

I just put in her ear medicine, and now she’s mad at me, and hiding, and honestly, that’s pretty great. Relaxing.

Man, maybe I couldn’t handle having kids… that’s kind of a depressing thought, though…

Ugh, hopefully it’ll be easier when I’m at the office for most of the day. I wasn’t expecting to get this annoyed this fast.

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