February 1, 2008

Liveblogging TheSL’s Listening Time Mix

Once again, I am COMPLETELY BEHIND! Then again, people are behind in sending them out. But I’m behind. So I’m inspired to finally do one more. So I will! Sorry this too me so long, TheSL.

Heavy Metal Gear
Listening Time Volume 12 by TheSL

1. Bringing Back the Balls to Rock by Lordi Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yaow!~ Oh, man… yeah… all… growly… I think the boyfriend likes this kind of music, but I don’t normally enjoy it. I think it has a lot to do with me not liking bringing my voice that low, even though I can, and growling like that for the whole song makes my throat hurt… I like to sing along with songs. That’s a good vector to me liking something. Anyway, ramble. It’s… I don’t know enough about this kind of music to find differences… I don’t know. It’s… it’s… well, it’s not Rock Song, because Rock Song doesn’t sound like this… but… maybe it’s Metal Song? I dunno. But Hail in the name of Rock and Roll, though, most definitely. A sort of nice little solo, though, but then they got back to the growly refrain. And it just… ended. Yeah.

2. Concrete Jungle by Black Label Society Woaaaaaowwwwww… well, that’s the sound the instrument is making… I mean, that’s a guitar, right? But it has some effect on it. And they have this effect on the guy’s voice too… that makes it all… muffled? I don’t know why that would be. And now it’s gone for the refrain. Huh… if there’s one thing I can say about this sort of musical thingamajig is that it certainly has an energy behind it, you know? It’s not one that tends to click with me, but… Apparently nobody gets out, and I should be ready to die. That’s kind of unfortunate, as I have a class to get to after this and being alive and not in my house would help with that.

3. Like Light to the Flies by Trivium And we’re right into the screaming. Man, I wouldn’t like to do something like that in Rock Band. Heh. I wouldn’t last several phrases before I starting singing in my light little falsetto stuff. Oh, okay, so here’s some other singing… Like Light to the Flies… I heard the title! Something about bleeding out the eyes? I don’t know? See, again, the screaming growling stuff has energy behind it, but I can’t like… tap into it because I’m not going to scream like that… I don’t know, I’m weird, I guess. Shame on me, I guess, for my head thinking all these so far are Metal Song. Well, I guess the second track was a little different. I don’t know. The non-screaming voice is like… weird… I don’t know how to describe it the way I’m thinking of it… it’s like it should be in another sort of song. And here’s a big solo… no tambourine, so I wouldn’t be entertained at this part in Rock Band. I’d be doing horrible dances to attempt to horribly distract people horribly. See, this solo is long. I’ve found that I really hate songs that just solo forever, no matter how interesting they may be. Put it into a neat Instrumental track, but leave the song alone so I can just have that “good stuff” when I want it, you know? I am rambling about nothing now, I think.

4. Washed-Out World by God Forbid And right back into it. Well, if there’s one thing about this kind of music, it’s that it wastes no time starting with silly fade in pianos or something, just straight to the ROKK!~ YEAAAAAAAAH! Or something. Is that inappropriate? I don’t know. Mm, this guy doesn’t have the… oh, wait, now he’s doing that growly scream. I was almost worried there for a second. It’s going back and forth and back and forth between the two vocal styles, and it’s just doing it’s thing in the background. See, I also like trying to catch lyrics most of the time. I can’t tell what the fuck they’re saying when they’re growling like that. Drum roll part with something about the future and telling it, I think… more and more of that… and more of that… oh, I think they added some guitar there… and more of that… future future… Ooh, now there’s some solid screams. What does the future hold? That’s a good question. I assume 10 more tracks of similar music? Will I like any of them? Who knows. I’m doing bad at blogging this, aren’t I?

5. Superbeast by Rob Zombie This is the Dragula guy. That’s all I know. Okay, it’s starting. There’s some space sounds in the back. Charging the laser… mmkay, got some guitar… yeah… yeah… okay… wee wee woaaaaah, wee wee woaaaaaah… and some whispery growling this time… yeah, I’m there… I’m there… my head is bobbing to the beat… the beast is super, yeah… okay… Hey, Yeah. I’m getting behind this one. Not something I’d go out of my way to listen to, but I’m liking it. I couldn’t begin to tell you what makes this song different from the first four tracks though, that’s making me click with it. Which is kind of bothering me. I should be better at explaining such things.

6. Light Discovering Darkness by Soilwork Okay, it’s all guitaring and stuff… okay okay… yeah… not letting it destroy me… you better shut it down, apparently… yeah, this is… calmer for a lot of the song than previous songs… it’s also got some sort of something over everything during the echo-y parts… mmm…. I better shut it, though… aww, he sounds kinda sad about feeling it… but now back to the growlyness. What kind of work would you do with soil anyway? Planting? Are they metal farmers? Tilling the fields? Oh, it’s over now.

7. Destroyer by Static-X This is softer. Well, as in there isn’t like this… wall of sound in the background. It’s just like one guitar… well, okay, now there’s some bass there too. Anyway, it’s calmer in the back, even if the voice singing is more whatever ever ever. Anyway, simple? Softer? What’s the word? Oh, okay, here’s like… a solo and it’s a little more… busy in the background like these songs sorta tend to be… You do it again, you do it again, Destroyer… taking it down with a hammer thing… and doing some something something… oh, wow, that ended extra abrupt.

8. More Time to Kill by Lamb of God Duut duut duut DAA DAA! And the guitar is going all up and down up and down in the background as he growls… oh, well, okay, I guess it changed at this point, now it’s more… one constant note. There’s some woooooooAAAAAAAAAH! God Damn! Oh, and here’s the bridge, I suppose… still more guitar guitar guitar guitar… and now this is like a screaming solo? Or something… and now we’re into the real guitar solo part. With just real fast notes and stuff as these things tend to be… and like machine gun sounds… Yeah, I don’t know. Also, I don’t know if this is really taking away the sins of the world or anything. Have mercy on us. Yeah. Yeah. Metal. Yeah. The end.

9. Driving Down the Darkness by DevilDriver Well, this one sounds a little more desperate, perhaps, than the other songs. Oh, I liked that Dah dah duh duuh… thing it did at the beginning. I’d like more of that and less of crazy electric guitar stuff. Oh, there it is again! I win! Okay, and now we got some growling, and he’s threatened to kill me apparently… yeah, okay. Okay, I guess this is the refrain, because I hear the title. That’s always a good sign. Yeah, I don’t know, these songs are just all the same to my ears. I’m a horrible music listener. And I mean, okay, they are different, but what they offer me, I feel, is exactly the same. There is no like… different feeling in there to make me listening to this song mean anything different from listening to any other song on this CD or even like Dethklok or something. Bleh, I’m sorry. I have no idea what I’m going to say for these last 5 tracks. I’ll pretend it’ll be interesting. Oh, they kicked up the pace that little bit towards the end. Double time! Man, all these songs just end, too. Bam. Done.

10. Halo by Machine Head If this isn’t a love ballad to Master Chief I’m going to be disappointed. Well, not really, but I’ll pretend to be disappointed. I suppose if it was, though, we’d be having some riffs playing off the Halo theme here, huh? This part is pretty nice, though. Intense but not overwhelming. Oh, okay, now I guess we’re out of the introduction and back to business as usual. Yeah, there’s the growling screamy vocals. Apparently it’s time to fight… the Covenant…? Maybe? No? I didn’t catch what they said at all in that refrain, so it very well could be. Okay, I think I can make it out this time. The Halo Over us… something something… well, that’s all I got. So, okay, that’ll have to do. Mm, less than halfway over, apparently. I don’t know what the rest of this song could be though. I mean, besides more of the same. Oh, okay, they’ve picked up the pace a bit… right… right… Okay, now w’ere in a big solo part… and there’s a lot of scales being played… up and down… and lots of little probably very hard to play flutters and stuff… And then we slow down and dramatically rock out for a second… yeah… and then it’s sort of… hmm… I don’t know how to describe that part… it reminds me of the Minibosses playing Mega Man music, but I have no reason to think that. What? Female vocalist singing something? Hey, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Fall, OOOOOOOOOOOO! And then I guess we do this slow stuff with extra screaming vocals over the top until the end? Oh, I think I heard Swallow in there. Oh, okay, they switched it up with those drums there building to the end… oh, I thought they were going to end there. But they went back to normal. And I though they were going to end there, but they didn’t… And then they ended there. Okay then.

11. Inhale by Stone Sour Stone Sour is an interesting band name, I think. Not as good as the recent band name some friends of mine came up with. Check this out: Extended White Chocolate Experience. Now there’s a band name. But okay, this is normal singing, and it’s a bit more restrained. That’s nice. But I bet he’s going to start screaming when we get to the refrain. There’s some base under building up to the… he’s not screaming. Oh, woah. Woah. That’s a nice change, to switch it up from earlier, but I can’t say the song is doing much for me other than that difference, you know? But there it goes again. Oh, okay, now he’s doing the screaming growling, but it’s over halfway through the song before he got there, and he’s going back to his normal voice. See, I can get more behind that, though… sort of… spot growling for emphasis. It’s sort of like… if you end every sentence with an exclamation point, then it’s not really adding any extra excitement or emphasis to the whole thing, you know? Oh, they seem to be having some technical problems… the tape is slowing down and stopping… need to get a guy on that, stat! Oh, too late! The song is over!

12. Senzafine by Lacuna Coil Oh, this sounds different and promising. Female vocals! Neat! And a guy coming in there… see I expected him to come in screaming around there. Okay, this is obviously in another language and I don’t know what it is. I want to say Spanish but I’m probably crazy. Some keyboard in there. Yeah, this is like just an overly dramatic-sounding song and not really what I would think of as Metal. But I mean, I guess it is? I don’t know? I would assume TheSL would know better than me. Hmm, okay, this AHHHHHHHHH! with singing over it part I’m not really too thrilled with… but it’s all winding to a close, so… okay then. Aww, some windchimes.

13. Another Hero Lost by Shadows Fall Acoustic guitar? Okay, maybe he’s faded to something completely different in the end. Or is it going to Break it Down into Metal stuff later? I don’t know. Oh, okay, now it’s a duet with a female voice. Forever is waiting, apparently. I hate to leave Forever waiting, but I have a bunch of shit to do. Oh, okay, there’s some electric guitar. But it’s still slow and not what I think of these songs as. It’s nice that he’s going to have a nice day at the beach, though, getting buried in the sand or whatever. Okay, and now we’re to the solo instrumental part. And yeah, okay, it’s a slow sort of rocking out, but I guess I see the Metal-ness in there… oh, especially now with that quick scale sort of stuff… and his voice is getting more Metal as it goes on and on… or maybe not, now it’s back to normal… eh, who knows. Well, this fade-y ending is fairly nice.

14. Let the Bridges Burn by Killswitch Engage Okay, here we go… last track… and it’s making an annoying sustained note at me… okay, and now it’s into the guitar thing. Oh, alright… they got lots of people to scream in the background there for a second… oh, and they’re back… alright. And now the main guy is screaming too. Oh. Mm. Yeah, that… yeah. Am I ready? Willing? For what? I missed the for what. But I guess I’m ready enough. I mean, I dunno. Ready-ish? Okay, now it’s slowed down a bit… but he’s still screaming and screaming. A blast from a stones…? No, I must have heard that wrong… Misery… turned that away… that sounds like a sound plan… hm… oh, wait, maybe it’s BURNED away… since the song is Let the Bridges Burn. Oh, and here’s crazy drums and guitar all fast and he’s still screaming… and screaming… about Ashes now and dust and how he should dust, I guess. Going from dust to dust, making sure he gets it all… Let the Bridges Burn! Let the Bridg. Es. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuawwwrn… BROTHERINAJAR!

Yeah, this… yeah… this was completely not my music. At all. But I’m sure some enjoyed it, and, you know, it was worth a try, I suppose. But try as I might, my head threw most of these in the same box and called it a day. Oh well, so it goes.

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