October 18, 2009

The “I’m alone at home with the dog” Diaries, Day 1

I’m acting like this is going to be a multiple part series, but it probably isn’t. I’m just THAT AWESOME.

So, my parents are all taking a vacation to beautiful San Francisco. I don’t know exactly why they wanted to go to San Fran, but they did, and good for them, I say! But that leaves me at home with Molly who can be a handful. While I love her and how she follows me around and constantly begs for my attention and stuff (she’s too adorable) she is also an incredibly picky, and overly pampered dog. My parents normally take care of that part, so I just have the fun cuteness part. Now I’ve got to take care of all of it. Joyful.

Night 1 did not go off without issues. I got to clean up dog pee, which is always exciting, but that’s mostly because I wasn’t thinking. I knew I should take her out before I go to bed, but I wasn’t thinking about the fact that when I go to bed is not when the parents go to bed (although more and more it is. I’m old, gah) and that Molly was used to doing her business then. So, right around the time when the parents would normally take her out? Peed in the floor. I won’t make that mistake again.

Still, she slept very well, which is something I was worried about. I put her in my bed, and she slept next to me all night. I even woke up before she did, which I felt wouldn’t be the case because I figured she’d bother me to go outside around 6. She slept right up against my armpit, which was… annoying. I normally sleep on my side, with one arm under the additional pillows on my bed, and she got right there under my arm. Still, it was cute at the same time, since her head was on the other pillow.

So yeah… I’m sure it’ll go alright, but it is a lot more to think about. I’m going to have to work at home more instead of at the office, which, honestly, is an issue, because I do things like write this bloeg post instead of grading papers. Distractions are like that. But we’ll see. I’m sure if anything particularly noteworthy happens, you’ll hear about it.

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