October 16, 2009


I think I’m almost more savvy a consumer. Almost.

I remember back in the day, when I was working as a janitor and was getting paid to essentially play GBA and read Manga, and I’d buy so much Manga. So, so much. (Now I’m down to Yotsuba!& and xXxholic. And, I guess, Hourou Musuko, though that isn’t translated officially so I’m not buying it, perse. Oh, how I’ve changed.) I’d walk into Waldenbooks and they would have a sign that said “Buy four books of manga, get one free!” And I’d do it. Every time. Even when I only had, say, 2 titles I wanted. I’d buy five. Every time. I couldn’t pass up the deal, even though it was a shitty deal, and I was getting books I didn’t really want. I was awesome.

Now, Toys R Us and Amazon are both having Buy 2, Get 1 Free game deals, and I keep looking and looking for what to buy, and I can never find three. Instead of just buying something I didn’t need, I have, gasp, not purchased any games.

I’ve worried somewhat, since starting Gamefly, that I haven’t really cut down my game purchases THAT much. But then, when things like this come along, and I realize all the titles I could buy are all titles I was just going to rent, and there’s no good reason to change that plan? That really is like… $100 or so I’ve saved. That is savings. I am saving. I am doing better.

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