October 14, 2009

LP Recommendation Post of October! Or this week! Or whatever!

Man, I continue to feel like I got really lucky having gotten into the Lucasarts adventure games and such. Every time I really get into looking at these Sierra adventure games, I go “Man, I am so glad I never tried to play one of those.” Well, okay, I tried to play the time travel Space Quest, but that went really shitty, so… makes me glad I didn’t continue to try.

Anyway, I watched a pretty good LP of King’s Quest V awhile back, and it made me feel the same way. This post is mostly to say, hey, feel free to check that out here. It’s pretty good.

But yeah, goodness. Some of the stuff in that game? So completely dumb. And I understand this was the start of games that had voice actors, but goodness.

Maybe if I’d been with King’s Quest the whole time. Maybe. But man, that game…
Just watch it, and be amazed at how random and nonsensical it is.

I do feel kind of bad, though. I saw a link to this LP in the thread for Sky Render’s LP of the game, and it’s probably going to make me not read it. Sky Render has done some awesome LP’s of this series of adventure games, called the Kyrandia series, that I didn’t even know existed. He’s pretty awesome. So you should give his LP a look, too. Or at least go back and read his other ones. They’re also worth your time.

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