October 11, 2009

Songs what be stuck in my head: Froggie.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that I am an “endless repeat” kind of music listener. Some people listen to albums, some to random selections of shuffled tracks. Me? I’m one song, constantly, over and over and over, until my obsession gets to something else.

The current song? Froggie by The Presidents of the United States of America. (Please, don’t mind the odd “music video.”)

This one didn’t catch me the first time I listened to it like some songs. It was just kind of there, and I thought it odd, with it’s weird energetic crescendos and whatnot in between a fairly calm song for POTUS. (Pot Us!) Yet when I listened to it again, and soon a million, million times, it became exciting for just that very reason. There’s a constant expectation there. I know the part that makes me want to get up and dance like an idiot is coming. It’s always coming. But you have to wait for it. It builds and builds. That’s pretty fun.
Pretty, pretty fun.

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