January 29, 2008

Review Extravaganza Tuesday: Barkley Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden

So many better games I could be playing or reviewing, and yet this game captured my interest basically all day.

So… It’s time to slam jam.

Imagine, if you will, someone who likes Charles Barkley and the sprites from Barkely Shut Up and Jam, and has watched Space Jam enough to write elaborate fanfiction on it. This person is who made Barkley Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden. You too can download this game here or just watch the trailer for it here, if you prefer.
Basically, this game is an RPG Maker creation, though it does seem to be hacking pretty thoroughly. There’s actually bits of interesting battle system in there. You’ve got action-based attacks like in Paper Mario, for example. You’ve also got some interesting monsters to fight, like this Robotic Gatorade I was fighting earlier.
But mostly what you have is a game that is seriously making fun of things by taking them overly seriously. This game has an almost scarily thought out back story for what is such a completely stupid concept. There is an explanation for everything, even if its done using concepts such as “Negative B-Ball Energy.” There is a tale behind how Barkley accidentally brought about the Great Baller Purge, and how the earth was plunged into this Post-Cyberpocalypse. It’s all so ridiculous, but as I said, so complete that it’s hard to look away from it. I don’t even know most of the basketball players being parodied in the game, and it’s still intriguing.
The game also uses this overly serious style to attack other things. All of the save points, for instance, spout at least 4 screens of rant about how things from Japan are better than things from the west. I’m almost certain these are copypasta that I don’t know the source of, but they’re funny because they’re so amazingly serious and sincere. Of course, they also apply the same lens to furries at length, which, you know, I’m fine with. It was sort of weird how much I agreed with some of the dialog, though.
There’s also plenty of odd, humorous parodies. There was a long parody of the whole hunts thing in FFXII that I enjoyed, for instance.
Anyway, I guess the point is, it’s pretty decently written and not completely abysmal in the gameplay department, and it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot. You might end up pointlessly entranced like me. It’s not going to revolutionize anything, or probably impress many people, but I enjoyed it. I guess that’s the point. If you watch that Youtube video and think more of that would be funny, give it a go.

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