August 31, 2009

Sort of like a magnet, only not really

Let’s talk about sexual attraction in a round-about, not as specific as I should be way.

When I first got into the whole “being attracted to people” game, I was pretty much a complete n00b and getting into it significantly later due to the whole “unsure about my gender, thus unsure about who it was okay to like” thing. So I really didn’t have any touchstones. I didn’t know what I wanted. I feel like I’m still figuring out what I want as I go along. And one thing I realize, more and more, that I want is realism.

Not like, I don’t know, the art movement. But just… I’m realistic here. The person or persons I am eventually with are not going to have perfect builds. Not that I don’t think I couldn’t find someone who was a model, perfect bodybuilder, or something if I really wanted to. But that’s not what’s really important to me. I want someone, a someone I like. A person’s body is really more a nice afterthought, it’s what’s in their brain that counts.

I like to think I have a nice brain. One people could like. I also know that I’m always going to be a little pudgy. A little soft in the middle. Whatever you want to say. Not like, fat, perse? But I’m never going to be thin and athletic either. And there’s a strong chance that my partner will be the same way.

I found that once I took that into account, and I just kind of embraced it, that not only did I feel much more attractive, but I found images of people who similarly accepted their builds and are just going with it equally attractive. Being seductive is all a frame of mind, and if someone shows me that they are, well, it doesn’t matter that they don’t have a six pack of abs or whatever the fuck, you know?

The internet lets you have basically any fantasy you want, and I love it for it. But at the same time, reality has its perks, because you can actually have that, you know?
It’s… nice.
It’s very nice.

I concur. Setting your sights on realism opens up new scenarios and courses of action that simply wouldn’t have been available to you before. I had a similar epiphany (and subsequent experience) earlier this year, and since then I haven’t looked back.

Anyway, congratulations; whatever romantic/sexual exploits come for you in the future because of this, I wish you luck. :)

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