August 6, 2009

The City Museum is an insanely cool place.

So, in an attempt to not have a summer completely devoid of fun and interesting trips, it was decided that yesterday would be a day trip to St. Louis! When discussing what to do, the idea of the City Museum came up. Now, I had no idea this thing existed until about a week ago when it was mentioned, so the first thing I did was look it up. The second thing I did was get completely excited to see it. I couldn’t believe I went so many years without knowing it existed, and just a relatively short drive away. It looked amazing from the website.

It didn’t disappoint at all.

Holy crap, the place is just so pretty and so… fun. Everything is a work of art, and you can climb on everything. Inside everything. Around everything. It’s just crazy. I took some pictures you can look at to see just a taste, but, you know, they’re cell phone pictures.

But as fun as it was? Holy crap, it was tiring. I have never felt so out of shape, I swear. One can only climb on huge, metal monstrosities for so long without getting completely exhausted. I had to sit down and just recover a few times during the day while Essner dived into the tiniest crawlspaces and circled around behind me, and whatnot.
But I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. That place is so neat. SO NEAT. I crossed a tiny, open air tube made of rings of metal 5 stories in the air. I rode a slide that went from the 11th Floor to the 3rd. I crawled through a makeshift air conditioning system. It was an amazing experience.

It was such a great trip. Completely successful.

Also of note was how successful two pieces of gear were. One was my Ankle Brace. Yes, I gave in to my shitty ankle and got a brace. But you know what? I climbed around that crazy place for hours, and I never even limped a little. The brace worked like a charm. And at least nobody can see I’m wearing it under my long pants, so… I’ll have to wear it whenever I’m going to be on my feet for long periods.
The other piece of gear was Google Maps on my phone. Oh man, it was so neat. It worked so damn well! How can AT&T get away with charging money for a GPS program when I can just download this bit of free software that just works amazingly well. Note that this is my first time playing with a GPS device. I’m sure watching yourself moving on the little map is old hat to many, but I just found it so cool.

But yeah, man, a completely exhausting trip, but oh man. So great. I’m going to have to go there again someday. Perhaps at night. That sounds like a ton of fun.

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