December 3, 2007

Liveblogging Shivam’s Listening Time Mix

Well, man, I’ve been slacking off on this (and a lot of things, honestly) but I’m finally getting to Shivam’s mix! He mentioned something about including tracks for me. Let’s see how that goes, eh, and get right into it. Everything in the bold and italics is what was on the little sheet that came with the CD.

Listening Time Volume 5: Colors of Sound

1.  Unique – Feelin’ Fine (DJ Sy mix) She loves me, I love her, and we dance in the pale yellow lights. : Well, alright, this definitely is starting faster… a lot of scratching… man, I need to learn to spell definitely… ooh, vocals… male… I wonder if it’s just going to be touches or actual singing. I do like actual vocals with these kinds of songs… I’m weird, I guess. Yeah, it’s mostly just a beat with a lot of scratching over the top… not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course… okay, there’s some soft like… melody underneath it… ooh, some singing about smiles and faces… Feeling Fiiiiiiiiiiine, apparently! Dat dat doot doot dat datdat doot doot… Oh, man, already distraction… NarinaKitty, too… don’t much like her… but CD, yes… hmmm, yes, it does keep going and going, doesn’t it? Then again, I guess that’s what most remixes and stuff do. I dunno, I really like this kind of music, but I prefer them, in general, to be like… songs, you know? And not just catchy tunes to dance to. I guess because I never go dancing… hmmm, more vocals… this is the same stuff as before, isn’t it? Yeahyeah, it is. Changing to skin mode so I can see how much is left… woah, still a lot of song. And more singing… and now Jonathan comes in. Yay. Sigh. Getting out the headphones. Drumrolllllll and it’s over.
2. Franke Goes to Hollywood – Two Tribes (Rob Searles Club Mix) But trouble is brewing in paradise under the green boughs. : Woah woah, that starts off strong… hmmm… there’s some singing, but it’s all echo-y remix style singing… more filters, more filters, more! Mmm, see, I want this to be the opening, and then the song to do something, You know? But I just have a feeling it won’t. Like I was saying, this sort of thing is great to dance to, I’m sure, but it gets so… repetitious just listening to it… this coming from someone who loves Soul Coughing, though… I guess they use repetition to make a point, and then things change, you know? Drum drum drum druuuuuuums, and now the same thing with another layer in there… See, that’s how they work. They start with a base, and then instead of switching it up, they just add another layer… and another… to the same thing… oh, goodness, it changed… sirens and slowness and piano… hm… talkings… old-tymey talkings… hm… and now it seems like it’s starting to build back up… OW OW OW! OW OWWWWWWWW! LET’S GO! Mmm, using the vocals to build of a bridge or whatever to build back up… that’s nice. Ecks is on… a more welcome distraction, certainly, but eh, I do want to get this done. I like how that now it seems more… vocals-based than it was before. There’s less echo-y-ness on the vocals than before. I guess I should ask, is this trouble brewing…? Not really…? I dunno. I do like it now that’s it’s more around the vocals and the song… although now it’s… oh, it’s a new track suddenly.
3. Armin Van Buren – Janerio We remember the times of initial joy and wonder, under a purple ocean sky. : That was… an abrupt change… A slightly different thingy than the last song, although not TOO different… oooh, female whispers…? Hey, there’s the name of the song. I totally heard it. Mmm, just down to the twangy-electrics bits… and… oh, all singing now with some Aaaahs… She loves to be there, apparently… on the beach, supposedly… smiling because I’m there, for some reason… and there’s nakedness…? I guess the lyrics lend itself to “purple ocean sky.” Oh, wait, naked soul? Bleh, I always have a hard time buying into anything like that. I’ve probably just been ruined by that song that plays at work that talks about “you and your beautiful soul” which sounds like the worse line ever and the singer is obviously just trying to get laid. But yeah, it’s got that happy beat in the background that these songs have that really get you going going going, but like… this song isn’t going to, say… be separate in my mind from the last two or whatever? That similar quality, makes them all flow together…
4. PPK – Resurection (video mix) Yet not even that can stave off the inevitable blackness. : And he seems to be working off of that, because these changes are abrupt and it takes me a second to go “wait, this is a new song.”  This one does seem to have a more… darker feeling to it. Little bleepy bit here without drums… okay, here’s some drums as it beeps on and on… building building… and now it’s another dance-y techno song. But something about how it’s made does make it feel more melancholy… if I knew more about music I could probably explain. Maybe it’s the key? I dunno, I’m just throwing stuff out there. Here’s a bridge of some sort, over the top… seems like a different person going against the rest of it… sort of… feeling… if this was a play or something. You know, in my head. That wasn’t worded well… and now we’re back to this melancholy drumless beeping. Oh, and a fade-away this time. I see.
5. Denki Groove – Niji (Potted gold remix) I leave, and rememebr my past lives, now fading into the green mist of memory. : Japanese girl singing… suppose I should have expected something like that with the name “Denki Groove.” Clapping… well, the synth clap noise. Mm, well, the singing is just being used as an instrument so far… you’ve got the girl singing “ah” that’s sorta being used like a drum track or something… and now she’s gone completely… well, now back… hm… what is there to say… is this a green mist of memory, I guess…? I dunno? I don’t claim to associate green with memory. Memory is so fuzzy… just this vague knowing… I guess that’s misty, but that suggests you move through it, whereas I just see it sort of passing you, and you manipulating the flow… maybe… yeah, her voice is really just an instrument, the more and more I hear. I really must be weird, liking vocals like that. Boom Boom Boom Boom over and over in the background… hm… although sometimes its hidden and sometimes it’s more… prominent. These songs always use those drumrolls before they break it down, don’t they? Or just as an ending… soft singing… but man, the songs almost done… abrupt fade.
6. The Lovemakers – Prepare for the Fight The struggle to move on begins, and the harsh orange glow of the streets assaults me. : This is more… guitar-y, although it’s still got that synth background… I’m liking this so far, yeahyeah… just come in with some good singing and I’ll be happy… Oh yeah! Yes, yes, yes, this is a good song! I’d like it to be maybe a little more… intense…? But I’m not going to complain. This is the song of song I like. Or something like that. Eh, whatever, you’ll see what I like when I send my CD out in a week or so. But yeah, this is pretty great. Yeah, it’s like, he goes up for the big belt, but then they do something to do to make it… significantly milder… I wonder what exactly that is… the FIIIIIIIIIIGHT! is stripped of something. I don’t know if that’s any orange glow on a street, though, but that’s nice.
7. Party Ben – Boulevard of Broken Songs I walk this lonely road. The colors all blend together. : Stutter stutter stutter stutter acoustic guitar…? Heh, I wasn’t expecting an acoustic guitar given what I’ve heard so far. This is a song song, male vocals… it feels like an Essner song with more… stuff in the background…? Well, maybe not this refrain part… this part is leaning towards “rock song.” Which I guess has a negative connotation with my friends, but I don’t mean it that way, just trying to describe it. Hey, the boyfriend is on. Yay! But no, I must be resolute, and not be distracted. Yeah, I like these verses pretty good, but the refrain leaves me a little flat… it feels kinda… generic, which is I guess why I called it like “rock song.” It just builds up for the refrain but I don’t think the building and adding the second voice and whatever adds anything, actually. They could do something more interesting with it, maybe. I dunno. Oooooh, this part at the end is kinda fun. But it’s just a little bit and then it’s done.
8. Joe Darwish – The Ken Song The red glow of the sun reminds me that life does go on. : Okay, guitars… ooh, fast guitars… Mega-man guitars…? Why does this remind me of Mega Man? Two guys singing… It’s got this full fullness in the background that all these songs seem to have in common… I don’t know what I want to call that… full fullness is kinda a silly way to describe something. The song is leaving me uninterested, though. Not bad, not horrible. It’s the sort of song I’d be happy to hear at work because it’s better than the majority of the crap they play, but I wouldn’t really remember much about it besides it being a welcome change of pace, you know? I see this description, though. The song would go along with… I dunno… a sunrise after like… a movie with midnight monster hunts at the end… sort of abrupt and fade…
9. Dir En Grey – Garden Try as I might, my green and black surroundings won’t allow me to forget you. : Mm, this one is quieter… once again, some sort of Mega Man vibe for no reason. It goes and goes and goes in the background. Not much change in the instruments besides something in my left ear that goes along with the singing… I can’t understand the singing…That’s not Japanese… I don’t recognize the language. Huh. Duggaduggaduggaduggadugga down there in the background during the refrain. I think if the volume was similar to the last few tracks this would feel as busy in the background as well, but because it’s down a notch it doesn’t, really. Oh, and it’s ending… but there’s half a track left… here’s some little blippy strums… and some choir… and it’s building and building up again… and now it’s back to where it was before, only the drums are a bit different. All of these songs have had much more energy than most of previous mixes, but I find it still not being exactly what I mean when I say energy… I mean, they’re energetic, and I do like them more because of that, but it’s not exactly what I’m talking about… I need to find a word… oh, the song’s over.
10. VAST – Touched The darkness returns, yet with a streak of clarity. : Mmm, quieter in the mood way, not in the volume way… acoustic guitar and soft singings… hmmm, what’s up with that background singing… it reminds me of something but I can’t really… I don’t know how to tell what it WOAH, guitars! And singing more powerfully. Yeah, I like this… and it fits with the little snippet of idea better, too. Definitely see “darkness with a streak of clarity” in this song. I honestly could do without some of the dramatic instrumental sections, but it’s pretty nice… now we have a slow break… eh… and now it gets back to it with a little more… and there’s that singing again. Man, I wish I could think of a good word to describe that background vocal… and… bagpipes…? No, that isn’t bagpipes, dammit, I dunno know that either. Oh well, it’s over.
11. Placebo – The Bitter End The stark white moonlight shines down on me as I realise how slime the chances of making it work are. We’re not meant to be. : Okay, this is starting strong… and he’s singing, sorta… what do I want to say about his singing… there’s a definite feeling there… he’s in his own little section and that’s what he’s singing in… that makes no sense, does it? Oh well. Oooh, I kinda like the beeping there… doda doda, doDa, doDA… that kinda thing. I think I know what it is about the vocals… it doesn’t seem connected to the music at all. He’s singing in his own channel and they’ve build the song around him without his knowledge maybe sort of feeling. Lots of guitar in my right ear… drums in my left now… hm… and vocals in the left… and now it’s mixing a bit better… it is weird how songs can feel so different when you’re wearing headphones and you can actually sense the difference between the two channels and whatnot… my two speakers on my computer are normally sitting right next to each other, so there’s not difference… and it’s build and building and drops suddenly!
12. Ripslyme vs Hotei – Funktastic Battle The sun shines brightly on me as I return to living a whole life again. : Scratch scratch… chanting scratch scratch. Oooh, kinda… funky… dare I say… funktastic? Heh. The volume level did drop, though. Rapping… in a language I don’t understand… there’s some english thrown in that. That could be Japanese. I do find that I enjoy lighthearted fun rap more and more the more I listen to it. It’s just that so much rap that gets mainstream is on those incredibly idiotic sorts of topics and it’s all annoying. The form itself, though, is kinda fun. This song is fun. Lots of brass in the background. I’m enjoying this one. Oooh, sorta breaking it down here with different brass in the background… and some electric guitar instrumental break… Woooo! Yeah. Huh huh huh huh. Hallelujah! Heh.
13. Keane – We Might as Well be Strangers (DJ Shadow remix) The prism distorts you in my mind, as I rewrite those sectors. : Stutterful… I don’t know if the stuttering serves any point, really. It’s not getting me. There’s singing, kinda light singing… and theres some building drums in the background… and now it’s going to break down into techno-ness… yeah, pretty well, though it’s kinda slow. Once again, I get that feeling I had earlier of the vocals having not much at all to do with the music, like he just sang into a mic and then handed it to someone else who put the song together… you can reach more of a… union between the two, can’t you? That’s possible, right? BEEP BEEP beep beep Beep Beep BEep BEep. And now it’s kinda fading away with sad piano noises over echo garbage… hm… yeah, I dunno about that one.
14. DJ Payroll – Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Luno (apollo 440 vs bloc party) Black and White, I know you now, and won’t be played the fool again. : Fastfast start here… hmm… Mmm, I’m diggin’ the guitar so far… and here’s some crazy techno drums coming in behind it… all the vocals are all… vocordered and messed with or whatever. I can barely understand them and hear what they’re saying… I guess the words aren’t really the point, but I’d like to be able to make them out if I wanted to… mostly because I enjoy singing along with songs… but yeah, this seems more… dance-y… like back to how it was in the beginning of the CD. Yo-oh! Or maybe Go-oh! I can’t figure it out, but they’re talking ’bout it, that’s for sure. Woah, a bit crazy here on the bridge… Hmmm, but yeah, I dunno… It’s really busy and exciting in the back, there, but there’s nothing on top of it that feels substantial. Is that a valid complaint? Hell, I have no idea. And it fades and then just an echo voice end.
15. Ellegarden – Salamander The rainbow diffuses through me; I’m purged of sad and happy. : Slow guitars… plink plink plink plink… and now it got going… Mm, his voice is getting eaten by the guitars… feels… very similar to previous songs… like the last one or the one before maybe… but yeah, okay, here’s a refrain where his singing feels more like a part of the song because his singing builds with the music, you know? He jumps up and the music jumps up. There ain’t no a lot of things, apparently. I can see the description on this one, too. Well, the diffusing part, anyway. He needs more time… he will somehow make it through… and it breaks down to just guitar… well, hey, it got back to normal quicker than I thought. I figured he’d do the first part of the refrain and then do it all again to bring it back… that’s kinda the formula… some busy guitar work here, leading to the end. And then one sustained note being annoying in my headphones and done.
16. Republica – Ready to Go ( US version) Why mope any longer? The world is screaming for me in reds and golds. : Light-feeling guitar… some cymbal… some female vocal… ooh, some big drums in the background, though they’re soft… they’re just… big… the drums used was big. Oh, goodness, some Rokkin’ guitars added… I was expecting it to stay kinda slow. Mmm, yeah, I’m liking this pretty well. Oh, it’s this song? I’ve heard that vocal before. But I couldn’t have heard this before, I don’t remember all the stuff around the vocals… maybe this is a remix? I guess it probably is. The title didn’t completely suggest it, though… the song is pretty decent with working with the vocals, though. They don’t feel pasted into a different song. Back to the light guitar… hm… and back to the rokkin’ guitar part at the beginning. Neat.  Yeah, this song gets my seal of approval, for what little that’s worth. I like this. It is kinda… slow in a weird way. Not really slow… the energy it gives me is not in the beat of the song, so I feel like I’m faster than the song itself… I think that’s the remix-stuff over the slower vocals that’s causing that, perhaps. GOOOOOOOOOOOOO! End.
17. DJ Rap – It’s Good to be Alive Damn right it is. The world, in its myriad shades and spectra, is wide open for me, as long as I choose to live in it. : Strings… definitely slower… then again, it’s… woah, that’s… that’s weird vocals… what the hell is with those vocals… what kind of effects are those… the whole thing is a bit louder… the drums are making my head pound, actually… there’s some female and male voices mixed in there, I think… now the vocals are brought up more to the front… I dunno, I expect a title like “It’s Good to be Alive” to feel more like a celebration… this feels more like a… like a relief… like… “thank goodness we’re still alive” sort of feeling… which I suppose works with the title as well, of course. What kind of a name is DJ Rap, though? Seriously? Heh. Yeah, this song is pretty good, but it’s not the party I expected… more… looking into the horizon… which I guess fits with the description given, about the world being wide open and full of possibilities. Love to love you love to love you love to love you… and strings… sad strong little dramatic strings… echo echo… and that’s it.

Well, yeah, I enjoyed this CD. Brought up some of my weird dislikes about dancing music, but it was good. Definitely higher-energy than previous entries, even if I still didn’t quite get what I mean about energy… maybe like… getting me on the same wavelength and pumping me up… hell, I dunno. My CD will be full of songs that do that to me, so I suppose everyone else can tell me what it is I like… but yeah, neat to listen to. I’m going to rip that Funktastic track now.

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