June 8, 2012

Man, My Ankle Hurts: The Post.


I’m about to work 3 double shifts in a row and my ankle is already shot.

Man, I dunno. I’ve always had a shitty ankle. Just what I get for walking like this for so long, I guess. But it is just disheartening when it gets like this and I can barely even walk. It’s really more a limping shamble. CJ and I went out and bought a new ankle brace for me last night, and man, my ankle already feels better wearing it, but that’s just really lame. Like, we were trying to find the ankle braces in the store? And I saw a display of canes. I jokingly grabbed one and used it. But it really helped and my ankle felt better and then I kind of despaired for a moment.

I don’t know. I feel like I should be working as hard as I can this summer, and trying to keep money flowing in. I shouldn’t really be resting and playing video games and doing nothing. At the same time, fuck, I’ll take working all day at grading and teaching than all day at Kohl’s any fucking day of the week. It’s so goddamn boring, and being on my feet on that tile all day makes my ankle hurt something fierce after several consecutive shifts so that I can’t even enjoy my time off, because I’m limping all day so much I can’t even really get out of the house.

Basically, when it’s at the point where my boyfriend and mother and everyone is constantly telling me I shouldn’t do this to myself, maybe I should listen. I’m really debating picking up this many shifts in a row again. I’m really debating if a positive cash flow is worth feeling shitty like this when I could probably get by with less until the end of the summer.

At the same time, I work with ladies more than twice my age that do these sort of millions of double shifts in a row literally every week somehow. Fuck if I know how, but they do. That makes me feel like a stupid wuss for backing off, especially when the money could be very useful.

Eh, I don’t know.

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