May 17, 2012

I Graded All Day, So You Just Get Links. Sorry I Got My Work Done, I Guess?

Bleh I’ve been grading all day I don’t care have some links and go away!

Someday I will print this up and distribute it.

Pinkie’s Brew has never been more gypsy.

One of those dumb moments from the show that got stuck in my head.

Just add ground beef, apprentice.

An important chart showing when soon-to-be parents are doing it.

Probably the best dog costume. You all can stop trying now. Seriously.

The heroes of Retsupurae team up for one climactic battle!

I am confused as to what Hideo Kojima is doing on twitter. Not like, why he has an account, but just what he’s doing. In general.

In case you needed a reminder about how awesome Three Word Phrase is, here you go.


Here’s some really damn cool Pokemon art, if you’re into that. I am.

That looks really relaxing.

Anyway, those are the links you’re getting. Bye!

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