April 21, 2012

Here Are The Watership Down Mafia Rules You Didn’t Request

Note before I even get started: If this becomes a game I will actually run, I will reread Watership Down and Tales from Watership Down before I go about writing any of the flavor text. I am doing this off memories of books I read a long time ago at this point. I am not sure if I am going to have the tone write in this prospective write-up. I only mention this because that sort of thing REALLY matters to me as a writer. So. If the tone’s not right, this was mostly to get a basic gameplan of the plot and mechanics down. Okay? Okay.

And now, the pitch.

Like so many things, trouble crept up slowly. The scent on the wind seemed insignificant until it was too late. In retrospect, the signs were there, and I simply could not see them. The Cult of InlĂ© built its numbers slowly, and seemed normal enough at first. Even the coup that brought Hraknilrah into powered seemed fair enough: it had felt like a change could be useful. But it soon became clear things weren’t that simple. Hrkanilrah used his oswala to push rabbits left and right into joining the cult. Soon, those who did not give in began to disappear, and those remaining were told “it was their time.” We does were skittish and frightened. Many joined, worried for their kits if they did otherwise.
I did not stand by.
I talked to the bucks and does who were trying to resist. I spoke of the need to leave: the need to escape this predicament. Many did not want to go. Many did not want to live as hlessil, wandering aimlessly without a warren to call home. But as more and more disappeared, they knew they had no choice, and they joined me, one by one.
We made a plan. We knew when the time was right. We knew who of the oswala was the weakest, and who we could overpower. Everything was set. We would finally be safe.
But you… I trusted you. I thought you were on my side. But you told Hrkanilrah. He prepared. But he couldn’t stop us all. Even now, they’re running, far from here, to safety. I wish I could be there to help them, instead of under your foot, with your claws in my chest and your teeth at my neck. I’m sure Hrkanilrah had a backup plan. I’m sure not all of the group that got away has pure intentions. I had thought about this. Planned for it. And now those plans are useless, and they are on their own.
But I am not afraid to die. I will stare down the Black Rabbit and laugh. Despite all you and your cult have done, they will survive and live on. You betrayal will, in the end, amount to nothing. I know it.

Watership Mafia

The town are the Refugees of the lair of the cult, attempting to establish a new life from themselves away from the dangers the cult represents. However, hidden amongst their group are cultists, our Mafia faction, sent along with the refugees in order to take them out, as nobody is allowed to quit, and nobody is allowed to disagree. The Refugees may vote to banish one rabbit from their group each day, sending them out into the harsh wilderness they find themselves in with little chance for survival. The Cultists get a night kill and night chat as per usual, and of course, can vote to banish just like any other rabbit.

There are hrair refugees and hrair cultists in the game.

Days are the normal 72 hours, and Nights are the normal 48. Let’s please follow normal Mafia procedure and not be silly, doing things like talking about the game outside of the game and so on. No posting of text verbatim from your role PM, or other such material sent to you in secret.

The Seer
Among the refugees is a Seer, a rabbit blessed with strange visions that give him or her a glimpse at the future. They’ve kept this power a secret for their whole lives, since they have not forseen anything too disastrous and they’re unlikely to be believed by their fellow rabbits, but in the current situation everyone finds themselves in, their power is much more relevant.
At the 48 hour mark of every day, the Seer will get a vision. They will see the end of the game day, and they will learn the affiliation of the player who currently has the most votes on him or her because they can see the results of the lynch before it happens. (If there is a tie, which player the Seer will see the future of will be determined by random die roll.)
The Town will be informed when The Seer dies.

The Storytellers
The Lapine race is famous for their stories, and even in these dire times, the desire to tell stories to teach and inspire cannot be quelled.
There are two storytellers: a cultist and a refugee, chosen at random from among their ranks. During the day, before the 48 hour mark, each storyteller will message the GM in secret with a general plot for a story and a short moral of this story of 10 words or less. The plot can be as complicated or simple as the storyteller wants, and the moral can say anything the storyteller would like, even if it seems to have nothing to do with the plot. The GM will then take the given plot and moral and fashion an in-universe story to be told following that plot. When the day reaches the 48 hour mark, both stories will be told to the town, with the verbatim morals attached at the end. The order they are posted each day will be random, and no indication of which storyteller is which will be given in the flavor text.
When a storyteller dies, the town will not be informed. A random member of the team the storyteller was from will become the new storyteller for that team. The Seer will never be a storyteller.

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