March 22, 2012

Links? Unbelievable. But You Should Believe.

You’re getting links today. Sorry! I’ve kind of ended up taking the day off. Well, sort of. I still work all day. But I’m not taking on any more work! So here’s some nice links for your clicking pleasure.

The most important question: What would Molydeux?

It’s animated gif corner! We have only the finest of gifs that have been animated for your pleasure.
How about this gif?
Not the anime type? Well, how about this one?
Too many words? Perhaps this one is more your style.
Not a fan of the bomb squad since they sold out. Then try this gif.
All the gifs! We have all the gifs here at animated gif corner.

I feel like this one is pretty accurate.

You need videos? We have videos.
This may be the best glitch of all time. A massive improvement on the game.
Here’s a video of pure joy to get your day started.
Have you ever wanted someone to walk you through the complicated rules of the games kids play? There is now a video series that does just that. Please watch both videos, and they are both amazing.

See you tomorrow! At some point I’ll finish the dumb half-article I’ve been plinking away at, and you’ll see it.

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