March 1, 2012

Poetry Scribble: Checking A Theory Poetry!

Welcome to March! I wrote a poem today. Is it good? …maybe? I’m unsure. Let me know. It’s about checking things.

This Way I Know

Inside are insides
just waiting to get out,
dance among each other,
breathe in the cool winter air,
cry out
"This is what I am!"


I mean, it doesn't have to be
just because I think so.
Thoughts have lead me wrong,
being formulated in meats
that rot constantly
with the sickening smell of memories
or so I've heard
not seen for myself
and maybe I should,
reflected in a mirror
as I get dizzy
and my head slides wetly
to smack against the counter.
You know,
double check
just this once.

I'm tired of shells,
calcified hardness
that screams for a hammer.
I'm tired of prying
and squirming
and exhausting every method
to get a peek.
Yet the sun rises and falls
and once again I am there
Once again I guess,
and take up arms
against the unyielding beauty
and once again
the pieces
are never enough.

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