February 14, 2012

Obligatory Valentine’s Day Poem For A Certain Wuff.

It occurs to me after writing this that maybe this is more depressing than “Happy Valentine’s Day” love poem. But… emotions are emotions. I could write a million cookie-cutter greeting card love poems in no time flat. But that wouldn’t reflect how I feel.

I’m happy to keep waiting for you. I miss you. I love you, wuff. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Things Will Be Right

There is a door I don't open,
sealed room I try to keep pristine,
for soon it will be filled,
and things will be right.

It's not painful, perse.
Numbers turn into other numbers
and things progress,
lists checked and dos to'd,
nothing ruined, nothing gained,
routine continued
until it can change.

There is a time I don't work,
keeping track of monitors,
for soon they will flash,
and things will be right.

Each little slip,
exhaustion, setback,
extra responsibilities
eating away at time
reserved for us,
inoculation to loneliness,
but it doesn't stop
my head from wandering
towards what you're doing
during those missed connections.

There is a life I don't live,
because it would be pointless,
for soon I'll have motivation
and things will be right.

My placeholder functions.
It works, and I smile,
knowing it's close
to my desire,
but without you,
simply a preview
of what's to come
using only B-roll,
staying away from the action.

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