January 18, 2012

Poetry Scribble: Seeing Things Clearly Poetry!

I’m exhausted. Not sleeping due to nerves and then working all day does that to you, I hear! But I still wrote a poem. I bet I’m going to look at it tomorrow and see all kinds of problems but, for now, here it is.


they exist.
You'd say that, you know?
You would.
There they are, surely.
They're there.
But you wouldn't look for them,
using a side-eye view,
always placing them
in the blur of the shot
to the point where
they're simply paints
splashed into a beautiful background.

When someone else turns the focus,
it injures the diaphragm.
Everything seems sharp,
ready to kill
with thousands of tiny punctures
and those brushed away trivials
linger before you,
for once,
a point of debate,

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