December 22, 2011

A Day Of Adventure! And Buying Arcade Equipment!

Today was a day of Adventure, and fuck am I tired from it.
So I booted up my Atari and…

Okay, not that kind of Adventure.

I woke up this morning, and I cleaned up, got in my car, and went to my grandparents’ house, where I fed them some dinner I made myself (which they claimed to like! Whoo!) and borrowed their truck. Trucks were needed for adventures, you see. The truck ran kind of weird for a little while, but after I got on the highway it seemed to have worked out all the kinks and went just fine. Well, besides the fact that it didn’t have a working radio and I got to listen to wind howling for hours. Whee.

Anyway, I drove my truck up to my pill doctor’s place in St. Louis, which was, in theory, the main point of the trip. That appointment went very well! I get to double my dose! Yay! And double it again in a month or two! Double yay! This is great news. Very great. Great. Great news!

Then, uh, I ate at an Applebee’s. And then I went to an arcade auction.

It was a really strange experience. There were all kinds of odd people there. People like me, who just wanted something cool for their house. Parents who wanted free entertainment for their kids and knew that arcade games on free play for testing would give it. Crazy collector types. People who really wanted Big Buck Hunter machines (seriously, those sold for more than anything! What the fuck!). It was a weird collection of people.

It was also just a weird collection of machines. There was this huge Final Furlong 2 machine that eventually sold for 50 fucking dollars because it was too huge and ridiculous for anyone to actually keep. It was just incredibly entertaining to watch because it was so ridiculous. Like, you chose from these horses who were anime stereotypes but also horses and were oddly super-anime in their little portraits, even though the game was kind of realistic? It was silly. There was a Frogger cocktail cabinet that went for much less than I expected. There was a fucking old tyme flip card movie viewing machine where you looked down into it and saw a flipcard movie. And it worked!

What I came there for, though, was a NeoGeo MVS. That’s what I’ve always wanted. There were three of them there: a two slot that was mostly functional, though I think it had a broken button on each side, a four slot that looked like it needed it’s screen adjusted, since the picture was showing outside the monitor a bit, and had a couple broken buttons, and a one slot that didn’t even turn on. I bid on the two and the four slot and, oddly enough, I won the four slot, which is really what I wanted, for $150 after taxes and auction fees and shit. I’m not too worried about the screen thing, from hearing about Patrick Klepek buying a NeoGeo on the Bombcast. It seems like there are hard-to-reach adjustors for that stuff, and I can make that happen. I also think I should be able to replace all the buttons and the joysticks without too big of an issue. I’ll also want to swap out the games: it currently has three games in it: some football game I couldn’t give a shit about, Samurai Showdown, which isn’t a bad choice, and Fatal Fury 2. I have to get some Metal Slug in there, maybe even two different ones, and I would really like a copy of Windjammers as well, because Windjammers is fucking awesome. Anyway, it’ll take some work, but it’ll work. And plus it’s a fucking arcade machine. Victory.

I had a weird experience loading it, though. That thing is fucking heavy, and I was alone! Thus, I employed a strategy I hadn’t been able to use before: the weak woman needing help with strong manly things. And, uh, it worked. I eventually had like 5 college guys moving this shit for me. I really appreciate it, because I mean, damn, I couldn’t have done it alone. But it was still weird taking advantage of the “perks” of my new gender, I guess. I mean, I would have helped move it much more than I did, but they just kind of took over and seemed to have it under control, so, you know.
Fuck, I am not looking forward to moving that heavy thing from the truck into the house tomorrow.

Anyway, that was my adventure! And now I’m fucking tired, so I’m going to bed. Later!

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