December 6, 2011

Just A Little Brag. Won’t Happen Again, Surely.

Let me just tell you about my proud teacher moment, okay?

So this semester, of course, I have been teaching. My class has been obscenely small. Like, to the point where I dunno why I was being paid to teach this small of a class, but I certainly wasn’t going to complain. It’s numbers have dwindled from 7 to about 4 or 5, depending on the day. We’re now at the end of the semester, and we’re just kind of coasting along.

Anyway, we sit down for basically our last class. I talk about their drafts, field questions, and then I basically say “Well, that’s basically all I’ve got, so you’re free to go if you want. Just have your final drafts done for next class.”
Melissa, who I’ve often clashed with a bit in class trying to explain things, leans back and says, “Thank goodness. Almost over.” There is a mumble of approval. She then says “I am so glad I stuck it out until the end.”
“Oh?” I said.
“Yeah, there was a lot of times where I just wanted to drop this class. Too much work. But I’m glad I didn’t. I learned a lot.”
“I totally agree,” says Mary. “I thought there was no way I was going to be able to do all these essays, but I suppose it paid off.”
“I’m really glad you all think so,” I said, and I really meant it.

I dunno. I’ve gotten good reviews and such in classes. Always been rated well. I know I’m a fine teacher. But it’s just such a different thing when you’ve been working with these few students, basically one on one, for months, and they really feel like it’s been a useful experience. Their essays have gotten a lot better. Not perfect, but way better. They have really improved. They see that. They appreciate it. What’s more, they decided to tell me.

It’s just good to know I’m being a positive influence. Makes me smile. Makes me happy I’m going to keep doing this stuff, for awhile anyway. I mean, it would be nice if I was doing it full time, had benefits and shit, but still… it’s fulfilling work. Moments like that is exactly why it is.

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