December 1, 2011

Poetry Scribble: TV Show Pitch Poetry!

Yes, Aesa, this is inspired by that conversation we had the other night. Heh.

Unreasonable Things I Want

I often want unreasonable things.

I think a company should make a show
where everyone is a character
with so much depth you could
jam your fist into them
and sink down to the shoulder,
but would also have
jamming of other things
into other things
in a character-appropriate
arousing manner.
Constant sexy would radiate
but not too sexy,
no need to be gratuitous,
but I just want to see
sex lives functioning
for people who deserve good ones,
a normal day ending
with a run-of-the-mill lay,
maybe some cuddling
before a cut to the morning.
I want to see lazy sex,
boring sex,
totally vanilla
between two people
who don’t look like they were stretched
in eager repetition
until they were proper,
softness, bulk, texture perfect
for sale.
Each lick of a pussy,
each cock filling a mouth,
would not be for the audience,
although filmed,
but would clearly be an act
for the participants,
a transfer of mutual respect and emotion
between eager conduits
that simply have so many electrons,
they have to go somewhere.
I could watch,
maybe lick my lips hungrily,
but in general just be glad
that true happiness can exist
between two or three or a room full of people
in such a simple, overused act.
Like all fiction,
I will be reconfirmed in my belief
that endings like that can be happy.
I will feel safe in my knowledge
that love can be brewed
within a cauldron of pants and moans.

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