October 30, 2011

Don’t Worry, We Won Halloween.

Tonight I went to an awesome party. And I didn’t even have to hire Party Pete.
Basically, Essner brought back the Halloween game, in the form of a scavenger hunt spanning Cape Girardeau and Jackson. There were questions, requested photos, and appeals to fuck with the other teams. It was well put together, and a quite fun time.

My team was Team Ghost, and we spent time rummaging through my parents’ house, driving to the Pony, and running around in the woods. One of the objectives was to take a picture of a whole other team, and we thought we saw a team coming in those woods! We actually hid in the bushes waiting to ambush them. It was a false alarm though. We drove a truck over a soccer field to take a picture of a wooden bridge. Layne ran into many fast food restaurants for ketchup packets. I ended up buying a bunch of candy, because each type of candy you had meant extra points. We also attempted to pass off Predator as a horror film. It was a fun time.
Our overall victory, though, came from finding the SECRET CATEGORY. Essner had hidden an extra set of questions in the CD case he manufactured, and we were the only team to find it, giving us an extremely strong lead, even though we didn’t complete everything in the category.
On the way back to the house to count up our points, we decided to have a flashlight rave. Josh turned his radio to the techno station, and a Jamaican man told us about all the sexy sistahs and sissy boys out there. We laughed, became Team Rave, and dedicated our victory to those sissy boys and sexy sistahs. It was only fair.

Afterwards, we stuck around and talked with everyone. Essner had these fucking amazing like… Chicken Parmesan Texas Toast things? So fucking delicious. I hadn’t had dinner, and ate like a million of them. Essner had also bought a fog machine, so there was fog. Some people roasted marshmellows. I had some weird conversations with people who hadn’t seen me in months and thus weren’t prepared for the whole me being a woman thing now very well. Of all people, though, I was most impressed at how well Dustin took it. He’s such a nice guy, but sometimes kind of clueless. But man, he just went “Oh, okay,” and it was fine from then on. Pretty awesome of him.

Anyway, it was a damn good Halloween party. A great night all around. Thanks, Essner, for putting that together. And internet, don’t forget that my team won. Because we totally did. Yep. We won Halloween by like 90 points.

You can make a pretty good case for Predator as a slasher movie. The only problem is Arnold and Jesse “The Body” blowing tons of shit up. But I’d probably allow it in a situation like this.

Comment by Joe — October 30, 2011 @ 1:11 am

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