February 19, 2009

A post about burnout, but not Burnout Paradise, which is coming later.

So, back when I got Amazon Prime, I got it because… well, I already talked about that awhile back, I guess. But I was planning on getting all my games through Amazon now.
It’s quickly started to become apparent that the potential for this annoying me is inherent in this plan.

There are people who are already playing Street Fighter IV, and it’s just shipped for me yesterday. I should, today, get my copy of Dragon Quest V, but again, people have already been playing that. I could have a FightPad right now. I’ve seen them in stores. But it isn’t going to get here from Amazon before next Wednesday.

I’m a hardcore gamer. Not having these games day 1 is part of the reason why I was so slow to adopt this sort of thing. I thought the 2-day shipping would make it bareable, but it’s not especially? The wait is still very annoying.
However, I’m not having much of a problem with it overall, I guess, because I’m so fucking busy. I barely have any time to play games at all, it feels like. Getting a game a few days late doesn’t actually impact the time I have to play it too much, most of the time. Hell, I probably have something else I’m playing instead in the meanwhile that I haven’t beaten.

Being busy fucking sucks, though. I feel like I’ve taken on too much, but I’ve only taken on exactly what is expected of me. This is what I should be doing. Hell, I should be doing more. I should be getting myself published, I should be getting resumes out there even though it’ll be months before I should get hired. But dammit, it’s too much. I’m already so burnt out and the semester is barely getting going. Ugh.

Well, I’ll just have to solider on anyway, huh?

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