August 18, 2011

Brick and Mortar Store Purchase Adventure

I bought a physical CD from a physical store.

It felt kind of weird.

I mean, it’s not like I hadn’t bought physical media before for songs. But the last few actual albums I bought with a physical CD I kind of ordered on Amazon and then pirated, and the copies were never opened. Zero Day and Tonight would be those. Not even opened. I don’t know why I got the physical disc at all, really, except it kind of feels nice to have an actual object, and it was from the Borders clearance thing, so it was basically like 40 cents more than it would cost to download it, and TMBG can gladly have an extra 40 cents from me or whatever.

But while I was buying this physical CD (it was Join Us by They Might Be Giants) I just felt really awkward and out of place. It felt surreal to be buying music from a store. The world is already at that point for me. I decided to listen to it once on CD on the way home, to make the physical nature of the purchase worthwhile, but of course I broke the shit out of the case trying to get it unwrapped, so that’s fantastic. I buy the physical media, and it doesn’t even last! Lovely. And now that I’m home, it’s ripped to my computer, put on my iPod, and I will never, ever use the physical CD again.

The album? Well, I’ll talk about that another day. Let me be honest: I’m completely exhausted right now, moody, and just want to go to bed, preferably with a wuff. But I am too stubborn to not write something on this blog. So this is what you get! Tomorrow will be better. Later.

*gazes at her collection of around 700 CDs*

Now I feel even older.

Comment by Cris — August 18, 2011 @ 9:09 pm

[…] Borders is dying. You might have heard. There was a Borders I always bummed internet from when I was in St. Louis, and now it is leaving! Boo! But I went to pick clean it’s carcass, of course. I was hoping for RPG sourcebooks, but had no luck there. However, at some point I went, “Wait, TMBG have a new album out,” and wandered to the music section. Then I bought it. On physical media. Crazy. But I told you that already. […]

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