January 29, 2009



Yeah, so, the weather is pretty bad. Luckily, we’ve had no power or internet outages, or else I would be insane and wrecking the place by now. My Grandma wasn’t so lucky, and is probably going to be here until her power gets back on at her house, which could be, I dunno, a week or so. I’m glad she’s here safe, but the incredible temperatures she demands (correction, understandably demands. She is nothing but bones, it isn’t surprising she gets so cold so easy) means I’m going to be staying well away from downstairs for awhile. All that heat makes me feel sick.

None of this really changed my plans any. Sure, I went to a few less classes and I didn’t go to work tonight, but my life is so… up here on the computer-based that I really didn’t do much different. Just gamed away and interneting it up.

Still, those people without power… harsh stuff, and I hope the best for them… though it just makes it so clear why I’m not living out in the middle of nowhere, if I can swing it. Need constant power and internet connectivity, dammit. CONSTANT.

Anyway, I guess, tomorrow, I get to get out and about again, on the slippery streets. To watch Casablanca. Or… not, because they just closed the school for another day… And I might go to work, maybe. I’m not clear on that. Nobody has been at Kohl’s all day so I couldn’t figure that one out. We’ll see.

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