January 2, 2009

I am the boss now.

Hey. This is now the blog of an Ad Set Supervisor. Awesome, huh?

Well, mostly awesome, anyway. I’ve got a lot more responsibilities. I’ve got a lot more things I have to do every night. I have a lot more potential headaches. But it’ll look great on a resume to have management experience and, well, the sizable raise certainly helps as well.

As this is posting, I’m having my first night of being the boss. I assume nothing horrible will go wrong, but if it does, I suppose I’ll update to let you know how much of a failure I am. Heh.
But I’m not a failure.
I am a DAMN hard worker, the only one who was qualified for this position, and I fucking DESERVE it. I get embarrassed when people congratulate me. I enjoy cutting myself down. But I can be honest with you, blog. I deserve every bit of this promotion, and dammit, I’m going to enjoy it.

I feel like, to celebrate, I should buy something expensive or something. I wish netbooks were the actual price netbooks should be, cause then I would buy one. As it is, every time I look at one, I’m like “I could probably do a serious computer upgrade for that kind of money…” So I dunno. Is the internet in bed really worth that much money? WHO KNOWS?
I also feel like I want to spend money just because that’s what you do when you celebrate something like this, not because I really want to. Hell, I’m still deep into Fallout 3 and have plenty of awesome things to distract me from Christmas left. I got plenty to do.
Still, we’ll see if I give in.

In any case, in this new year, I am the boss. Well… I’m middle management. Which is kind of like a boss. Sort of.
I’m in control. To an extent.
Kind of.

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