October 25, 2007

What a Horrible Night to have a Curse.

Been having depression fits again. Yaaaay! It really is related to how much I work… it can’t be coincidence that I’ve only worked two days over two weeks. But enough of that.

See, I can’t really play Phoenix Wright while I listen to podcasts, because I want to pay attention to what’s going on (although the Milkshake reference in the beginning of PW3 was uncalled for… if you’re going to make bad references in games, make bad video game references, dammit!) so I randomly started playing Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles on the PSP while listening to the new Retronauts and such… and man, it’s good. I never really played the old school Castlevanias… I mean, I’ve played Castlevania, sure… but I sucked at it and never got anywhere and never built any fond memories of it… Talking Time got me into the “Metroidvania” style of gameplay hard, and I caught up on what Symphony of the Night style Castlevanias I hadn’t played… the game is mostly a remake of Rondo of Blood, though, and that’s the last old school level based Castlevania… and it’s really damn good. Hard as shit, but really good. I’m dying a lot, but it lets me restart at the beginning of any level I’ve gotten to with full lives, and I’m playing with Maria (thanks, Jakanden, for telling me where she was) so that makes the game easier, (plus, I get to throw cats Student Witch Soul style) so I am making progress. The fact that I’ve only found one alternate route so far (The route into 3′, and only because someone told me how to get there, since the thing that unlocks Symphony is in that level) bodes well for how long the game will distract me… but who knows. I may hit a wall soon where I can’t beat any more levels and get distracted again.

In other news, what? Really? I would have thought Metaknight was enough… really? Well, okay… I guess HAL is making the game, after all They can put more of their characters in. No Lolo? He could… push… blocks? Turn people into eggs? Eggs are cool, right? Yoshi likes eggs and Yoshi is cool. Maybe.

Jonathan bought Clive Barker’s Jericho. I don’t especially know why he’s so damn excited about the game, but he was so much to rush out and buy it the moment it came out… I’ll probably give it a try later, since it’s here, but I think the darkness is going to get to me. Scare me in bright light, dammit… I’m tired of games and their “we have a great flashlight simulation” shenanigans.

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