October 17, 2007


And now, random links.

LINK GO! I don’t know what exactly is to be said about this, but I know the digg article link said it wrong.

LINK GO! To the delight of both Pikachu and the many children!

Anyway, so I was listening to last week’s Wingin’ It, and they were talking about the idea of your self being just this floaty thing and having different bodies and being something different every day. And I guess I’m weird, but that really doesn’t appeal to me. I’m a creature of habit who likes things to stay the same unless for a real good reason. Sure, being able to swap bodies might make bedroom antics more fun, and I’d be all for it, but in general I’d just want one body (not the one I have now) that was just how I liked, and that would be it. Having something I liked and being used to it being there is more worthwhile to me than making that choice of “who do I want to be?” every morning. I see the appeal, of course, but it’s not for me. I would get the side benefit of getting to choose the one body I got stuck with, though, so I’m all for this tech being magically developed magically, however.

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