December 31, 2010

He Does Have A Lair, I’ll Give Him That

Since I picked Mass Effect 2 as my game of the year, and there was a sale, I thought it would be a good time to go and try out some of the supposedly badass DLC for the game. Therefore, I bought the Lair of the Shadow Broker for 200 Microsoft funbucks, and gave that a spin.

It was pretty good?

I wanted this DLC because I wanted some closure, or at least the idea of progress, in the whole “I’m now sleeping with Garrus but Liara is kind of around and we haven’t addressed this” thing. I also wanted to kill a Shadow Broker. I was afraid that this whole DLC would focus on killing a Shadow Broker and shooting things, and not really give me any sort of relationship stuff.

Luckily, I was wrong.

Granted, things are still up in the air. But I got to directly address the fact that I’m sleeping with Garrus with Liara, and talk about feelings, and all that bullshit. That’s pretty cool, I think! For me, it ended in a “we both still care about each other, but shit, a lot of time has past, and we have to keep going in our own lives” kind of situation, which I feel is completely appropriate. There were also a few hugs. Aww.

It was also good just to get into the Mass Effect swing again. The combat is still really good, and the DLC had two fairly intense boss encounters. Of course, the last one, with the Shadow Broker, was kind of… eh. Mostly because I found it really easy to distract him with a drone and then wail away at his shields with Overload without him even turning around. I guess that’s the benefit of being one of the like 4 people who are playing an Engineer, huh? I’m sure that, without a drone, it would have been a bit more of a struggle.

There was also some nice variety with the mystery, the chase, and the climbing onto the ship. It did manage to mix it up quite a bit, which is excellent. It didn’t feel thrown together. It felt like a real part of the game, and that’s a nice thing to get from DLC of this nature, I think.

The only thing I would have liked to see more of is more dialog from Garrus about the whole relationship issue. I understand why there isn’t any, but there was specific dialog from Liara talking about how I was with Garrus, so I can hope, dammit! Still, what are you going to do, hm? Gotta save something for the third game.

Yeah… I liked this DLC. If you can go back in time and pick it up while it’s on sale, I do suggest it. It’s good stuff, and a nice ending chapter to the game. (I found it interesting that it talked about the state of the world being in the end game in the DLC… is that content different if you’re still in the middle of things? I don’t know.) Plus, I mean, the Mass Effect 2 combat is still a lot of fun, so that’s good too, especially if it’s been awhile since you’ve messed with it.

Well one thing that made me happy was that until this DLC you could never have Tali come up to your room and hang out, so now if you choose a path with Tali you can call her up, she sits in your lap or near the bed and what not. Sure there was not anymore Dialogue but it made me happy because Tali is hot and it made it official :p

Comment by Kale — December 31, 2010 @ 10:41 am

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