December 26, 2010

Justifying Steam Sales: Bunnyfight

Every so often, there comes a game that makes me go, “Man, this game is too furry for me.” This will kind of creep me out, as, you know, I’m pretty furry myself. I own Furoticon cards, for fuck’s sake. Still, there’s just something about Lugaru HD that makes me wonder about the people who made it. I can’t wrap my head around it.

I mean, there are several things that Lugaru does decently enough. I mean, it’s a completely functional game. I could never fucking do that. It’s also a game that’s trying to simulate fairly interesting hand-to-hand combat. I mean, something like your Gods of War doesn’t really actually attempt to have realistic combat, where you have to parry and so on. Lugaru does to some extent, in that you can sneak up and get the jump on dudes, and you have to sweep the leg and keep them stunned and stuff while you punch at them.

Of course, though, you’re a bunny, so you can do crazy-high jumps, run around on all fours, and pounce on people as well.

I guess that’s the part I don’t completely “get.” There’s nothing particularly rabbit-like about the mechanics, except the jumping high thing. The graphics are kind of late PS1 sort of era stuff, so it’s not really an artistic style decision. It makes me feel like, from the beginning, someone said “I am going to make a game starring anthro bunnies!” and then figured out some mechanics from there. This, plus the heavy dialog at the beginning of the game, is what makes me feel like the game is “too furry.” I mean, more power to this little indie team that made this game. Again, this is way more impressive than any bullshit I’VE ever made. The game works, and has a decent combat system. But it just feels like it was designed, from the ground up, to be a “furry” game, and doesn’t seem to take the time to justify it. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I just feel like I need something more. Maybe if the rabbits actually looked cute or badass or something, that would be all the justification I needed. I’m not sure.

Anyway, it’s not like I played it a long time. This is mostly a reaction. I received it from the Humble Bundle for free, because they were being stupid nice, and I gave it a go. It’s not the kind of combat that I get into, and the whole thing just left me feeling confused.

And now I’ve told you about it, I suppose.

What a strange game.

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