November 29, 2010

Humorous Image is Humorous

What is it about this image that is so hilarious? Is it the mystery of why the bird is so scandalized by the camera, or, say, the viewer? Is it the perfect pan, or the perfect expression on the bird’s face? Is it the amazing entertainment that an animated image normally brings to the viewer?

I don’t know, but I keep laughing at it.

Seriously, it’s been open in its own window for like a week. I wish I could remember who on twitter linked it so I could give them credit here. Every time I look at it I laugh or smile.

It makes me wonder about myself. Is my life really so shitty that something so stupid and silly can invoke such a response? Like, perhaps, that this is the one nice thing going on right now? Or is that overthinking something as simple and universal as taking pleasure in the little things, like funny animal pictures. Or, I dunno, extremely phallic pictures. In the end, isn’t taking pleasure in small things a-okay?

That’s certainly my stance going forward.

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