November 25, 2010

The Obligatory Yearly Giving of Thanks Post

Feeling as shitty as I do, it can be easy to forget the nice things in my life. It can be easy to forget the completely fucking awesome people who make my life not only bearable, but also a joy. It can be hard to see through the darkness I find myself in and then write about dramatically. I have trouble. I’ve been having trouble. I will probably continue to have trouble.

Thanksgiving is a day when I’m supposed to take the time to see through all that, and really figure out how wonderful what I have is. It is wonderful. Things suck, but are also wonderful. That’s the paradox.

Brer, I love you. Thanks for putting up with me, because you see the worst of me. There’s a reason I want to stick with you. There’s a reason I call you my boyfriend.
Cris, I love you. You’re fantastic.I worry I don’t do enough for you. I don’t see you as often as I’d like, but every time, it’s a joy. I look forward to it.
Ecks, I love you. I see you even less, but dammit, you’re still a fantastic friend.
Jonathan, I love you. You’re my brother, and I’m so glad you’re making this important steps in your life, and feeling good about them. I hope I’m not letting my stupidity cloud your fantastic moments. I’ll always be there for you.
Essner, I love you. I cannot ever measure how much better my life is because you’re in it. Thank you for being such a fantastic friend, and for being almost solely responsible for getting me out of my shell.
Spaeth, I love you. You’re silly and crazy, but you’re also so fucking genuine. You’re a wonderful person to the core. Don’t ever let that change.
Kale, I love you. Your constant reminders make me feel so special. You make me feel like someone good and important. I hope I return the favor.
Molly, I love you. You’re my dog. Every time you greet me when I come home late, with such innocent affection, I want to cry.
Mom, Dad, I love you. I know we’re not on the same page at all. I know things are horrible between us. But they’re only hard because we all care so much for each other. We’ll survive somehow.
Grandmas, Grandpa, I love you. As I get busier, I get to interact with you less. I’m sorry. Heh, it’s hard to stay above water sometimes. But I know you’re there for me. You’ve done so much for me.
Every other wonderful friend I have, I love you. I’m sorry I can’t call all of you out by name. Heh, gotta wrap this up and get to class, actually, preferably without the tears currently in my eyes. But hell, just reading this, you make me feel special. You make me feel not alone.

I am not alone.

I’d do well to remember that.

Thank you all, and Happy Turkey Day.

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