November 22, 2010

I Guess This Is Kind Of The After After Math, But One With Kris Straub.

I am fucking exhausted.

Like, I have no energy today. Most of the time, when I’m tired, I can still function, you know? I’ve been completely useless.

I guess the logic is that I had a lot wrapped up in getting that Bachelor party done, and now that it’s over with, and the crunch “have to do things” time is over, my body is just kind of shutting down. That’s fair enough, I suppose. Still, what’s up with those whole having a corporeal form that I have to take care of bullshit? So bullshit. When do I get to be a being that exists purely on the internet? When’s that happening? Come on, science. Pick up the fucking pace, here.

Anyway, expect, say, horrible reviews of Harry Potter and the Hallow Death The First, and Nimble Strong, and shit like that this week as we lead up to the giving of Thanks. For now, don’t look at me, look to Kris Straub. He’s a funny dude, and I recently learned that he is youtube celeb. His Youtube status is kind of old, but still really hilarious if you’re the sort who enjoys, say, his work on Tweet Me Harder. I mean, look. Here he is being a hard-boiled cop on the streets! And here he is dispensing valuable job-seeking advice. How could you not enjoy this?

Anyway, I’m going back to bed. Maybe after sleeping okay, I’ll be feeling better for the additional dentistry I’ll be dealing with tomorrow. ONE NEVER KNOWS.

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