November 21, 2010

In a Party Which Exists After Math…

That’s right. We’ve evolved beyond math.

We did the Bachelor party thing.

I planned and ARG for Jonathan to play through. Basically, Jonathan was a secret agent with amnesia. He was also an agent in at least 5 different secret agencies. One of these agencies was attempting to blow up Cape with a bomb made of something called Woodtonium. Someone was going to have to stop it. That someone was Jonathan Long: Groom.

It went fantastically because Jonathan totally bought into it. He was constantly cracking jokes and role-playing, even sometimes more than my actors. It was fantastic. Jonathan decided everyone went to spy school together, for example, and that one of the major effects of the Woodtonium bombs is hard-ons. Also, beavers only increase the effects of Woodtonium, and all spies, of course, must be completely trusting and open with information. It went off great. Everyone was laughing. I was glad I put in the time to make props and organize people. It was fantastic.

Afterwards, we came back home for an intense round of Guesstures and a Smash Brothers tourney. Jonathan dominated both, as expected, but a lot of fun was have by all. Now he’s playing Dominion with some stragglers, and I’m taking a break and blogging.

I was worried I wouldn’t do a good job, or it wouldn’t be “bachelor” enough due to the whole me female thing. I was busy and stressed, and I hoped I wasn’t going to let him down.

Sitting here now, it’s clear to me I didn’t. I’m relieved and happy. This was a pretty special day, and I gave it to him. That’s exactly what I wanted. I wanted to make him feel special. I’m glad it looks like I succeeded.

Glad it went so well!

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