October 22, 2010

I Linkdump So Much, I Just Added A Bloeg Category For It

I kind of want to write something else, but damn, I have like 20 tabs open in two different browsers, so that means it’s time for…


My good friends (note: I don’t actually know them) at Rocketcat Games are preparing to release their next little game, and they made a trailer. These guys have the very amazing grapplehook genre down pat. If you haven’t spent the dough on any of their more expensive games, and you should, at least get this one when I rave about it after it comes out.

This link lets you play Dominion online. The interface is a little rough, but it totally works. How badass is that?

Nothing will bring a smile to your face more than another Hiimdaisy comic dub. Well, at least, if your face is my face. Or similar to it.

Do submit comments on this new Proposed Land Use Action.

I don’t know what this is, but it’s been open in a tab for weeks, so… yeah.

This thing lets you randomly generate names of your Lands if you were playing Sburb. Which is kind of fun for a few minutes if you enjoy Homestuck as I do.

Here is a dice roll I made for Jan in the game I’m playing on Talking Time. It’s on this neat site that lets you roll dice and save the result in a thing where you can link to it, which is fantastically useful for playing on a forum. It’s neato, if simple.

Finally, here’s a link to this article about a manga I keep meaning to look up. I want to read a story about an actual, healthy poly relationship, which supposedly this is. And, you know, I guess there’s fucking in it too, which… well, you know, that’s nice too!

I’ll go ahead and leave you with that thought, I suppose. Remember that fucking is nice, too. Cause it is.

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