September 23, 2010

These Are All The Tabs I Have Open In Chrome Right Now.

At some point, I decided I was going to post here daily.

It’s days like these where I kind of regret that decision. I’m bleh, and I barely have time for the work I have to get done, much less my blog, which is kind of optional.

However, I’ve come up with some solutions for these days. One of them is trying to write many posts in advance. (Didn’t happen this time!) Another is the linkdump. I often refuse to close random cool things just because I feel I should do something with them, but don’t know what. Now I will share that with you.

Here are the six tabs that have been open in Chrome for awhile.

Jeff Green is now working at Popcap, and in celebration, someone on twitter drug up this GFW Radio clip. It’s funny. GFW Radio was awesome.

I’ve also watched the latest Ok Go music video. It has cute dogs! The song is pretty neat too. You’ve probably seen it, but if not? Here.

This is one of my favorite recent Fake AP Stylebook tweets. Great stuff.

Kale asked me what a fox sounded like. I told him. Then he sent me this video for reference. It’s kind of completely adorable.

This may be the best Professor Layton comic ever created.

This isn’t particularly awesome, but it is a tab I had open! I was looking over the DVD and Blu-ray release information for Scott Pilgrim vs The World. I will be buying that, I’m sure.

That’s it!
“But wait!” you say, “Don’t you have the blogging tab open to write this?”
To that I say, “ha HA, Bitches, I use two different browsers! That one’s open in Flock!”

My ferrets sleep through most of the noises that come out of my computer speakers, but something about those sweet foxy noises really got their attention. That’s just double cute :3

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