September 18, 2010

Songs What Be Stuck In My Head: It’s A Disaster

I had a soundtrack to the past few days! And it’s this song.

Seriously, I tend to go through through phases when I find an album that I just listen to constantly. It’s this kind of obsession that caused me to listen to so much Presidents of the United States of America that I wrote a whole, whole book of poetry about it. Ok Go’s second album, Oh No, has recently fallen into that rotation for me. I’ve been listening to it constantly, letting it flow through me.

It’s damn good.

Like, seriously! There’s a lot of songs on their first album I don’t particularly care for. Get Over It is good. Otherwise, I dunno. But man, I really like most of Oh No. The first four songs are solid gold, and there is plenty other good songs on the album.

I’ve focused on Invincible and A Good Idea At The Time in the past, but now at the moment the main focus of my love is It’s A Disaster. It’s upbeat, exciting, but it also has pretty solid lyrics. The chorus just rings true. Bad shit is happening, but in the end, that bad shit is all we have, so we might as well enjoy it. We might as well sing a happy song about it and just have fun, you know? As things fall to shit around me, I could stand to remember that.

Anyway: Ok Go is pretty neat. I don’t really like the single with the Rube Goldberg machine, but I should still check it out at some point. Yep.

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