August 24, 2010

Day Trip To The Kingdom

On Saturday, I played like 6 hours of Dokapon Kingdom.

Dokapon has always been a game I was excited to really get into. However, it’s not a game for everyone. It takes awhile to really get running, and it’s really a commitment. Many of the friends I’ve attempted to play it with really didn’t enjoy the slow beginning game, and we gave up on it after an hour.

However, on Saturday, Cole and Cara came over, and wanted to play a game. I didn’t really have anything new (I was hoping that Modnation Racers would show up before then, but it didn’t) and I knew that Cara had enjoyed Dokapon in the past, so I suggested we play it.

Cole loved it, and we ended up playing all day.

As we did that, I got a glimpse of how this game really works. It is a game all about the trash-talking. The majority of the fun came from me doing things like sniping people, giving them stupid names, and then constantly reminding them that they have a stupid name. That is what elevated the game from the basic thing on the screen to a competition that was serious and fun.

On top of that, the combat in the game really switched up as it progressed. As you level up, you can really specialize, and do much more in combat than just pick “Attack” or “Strike.” Cole, for example, was doing crazy things by restricting enemy’s actions, while I was just brute-forcing it as a Warrior and Cara was attempting to steal from every monster. I was surprised how it actually managed to keep itself fairly fresh, and also give you more and more control over what you were doing as the game went on.

We stopped for the night after Cara had a rampage of evil. She wasn’t doing very good, so she got a bat over her head, which the game called a “Spirit of Revenge.” I looked up what this was, and apparently this enabled Cara to sell her soul and become a “Darkling” for two game weeks and utterly destroy everything. So I told her this. And she did.

And she destroyed everything.

Seriously, the Darkling is obscenely powerful. It was pretty hard to get going, and she only got the spirit of revenge when she was really behind, so it didn’t feel that broken to me. She was certainly having fun with it. It was pretty neat.

After that rampage, though, we decided we’d have enough. We’ve saved the game, though. Who knows, we may come back to it. I kind of hope we do. There’s still two continents left to explore, and so many more classes to max out with so many abilities!

Basically, I’m glad Dokapon ended up being what I thought it was when I bought it. Good, good times.

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