August 22, 2010

I Did Not Test The “Invincible” Part, But the “Super” Checked Out

I feel like this is one of those things I’m just way, way behind on, and the whole rest of the internet already knows about it, but seriously, have you read the stuff that Chris Sims does over at his Invincible Super-Blog?

I guess nowadays, he’s doing the freelance writer thing, and most of his posts are just links to stuff he wrote elsewhere, but let me tell you: the stuff he wrote elsewhere is excellent, as well as the stuff on the blog itself. I basically barreled through an entire year of posts the other day, and was laughing a large amount of the time. It started with me learning about the AMAZING WONDER that is Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose, and skyrocketed from there, with me reading in-depth analysis of gender-swapped pinup fanart and Wonder Woman’s new costume and so on. (As a side note, I had heard about this costume change, but hadn’t seen it before that article, and I have to admit, it looks really good. More practical and less stupid. I don’t know why people were bitching.) It’s all really good reads. He’s a very funny guy (and it seems like his fellow writers at ComicsAlliance are too) and you should enjoy his stuff.

It always puts me in a weird situation when I read something like this. I mean, I know ABOUT comics, but I don’t know comics. I’m not a comics person. It’s always interesting to dive deep into a fandom I’m not a part of and see how very similar it is to what I am about and also how different. I know just enough to get the jokes, but I’m also learning. It’s a learning experience! So that’s nice.

Anyway, Chris Sims. Cool dude who actually responded with a thanks to my twitter thanks. Cool dude. The end.

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