September 19, 2008

BusyBusyBusyBusyBusyBusyBusy But I Will Update, Dammit! Busy

So apparently, when you get busy, you don’t really blog much. Huh.

No, seriously, I feel like I’ve been so fucking busy… I’m handling it alright. I will continue to handle it alright. But bleh. The last thing I feel like doing is so many things that I feel like I should be doing. It’s enough to keep up with homework and whatnot.

Anyway, let’s catch up, shall we?

Rock Band 2: It’s more Rock Band. The end.
Well, okay, I can write more, but that’s basically it. All the little tweaks were very welcome. I’m all for the lowering of the vocal difficulty, because I can now always play expert without it being completely un-fun. The Rock Band 2 track list also has some great stuff, as well as some horrible stuff. It’s much more hit and miss than the first one? But the hits are so great, I don’t care too much. Anyway, it’s still completely fucking fun times. Seriously.
I’m also glad I got off my ass and got a replacement drum set on the way again. The blue pad is completely broken on mine, and apparently they’re ending their super nice and actually useful customer support at the end of the month, so… best get fresh stuff while I can, eh?

Dragon Quest IV: It’s really good Dragon Quest.
Maybe it’s just that I never really gave a more “modern” Dragon Quest a try (the most I ever did was try to play the GBC remake of III and found that the game thought I was lonely) but I am finding the game completely fantastic. Yes, it’s kind of simplistic, but it’s really more… minimalist. It gives you the bare minimum of everything you need to get the story, to figure out what you’re supposed to do… I haven’t yet really felt lost. If I don’t know what to do, I just talk to everyone, and they’ll tell me a place I should go look at, and I’ll go look at it, or whatever. Anyway, it’s really neat. You should play it. It’s what I’m going to do after I’m done writing this update.

Let’s see, what other games… well, I beat Strongbadia: The Free, the second Strong Bad Cool Game For Attractive Parsons episode. It was even better than the first. Funny, with some interesting little fun puzzles… I was completely entertained. It made great use of the entire cast, as well, which didn’t happen quite as well in the first. The next one is going to be band-themed, apparently. I can’t wait. It’ll be sweet.

Other than that, it’s just been fucking constant busy-ness, you know? I’ve been doing more interesting things in my internship at least… she started giving me computer editing, layout, etc type tasks, and asked if I liked those, and I’m like “hell yes, I’ve been doing this stuff forever, I’m good at it, and I like it.” So hopefully I’ll get to keep doing similar stuff. And my classes are… classes… the most exciting thing that’s happened in them is that I’ve worked ahead on my creative stuff, and wrote a short story and a fairly solid prose poem, both of which I think are pretty decent and I can’t wait to get workshopped. So that’s good. It’s always good to be doing creative things.

But yeah, life is busy and boring. And boring. And busy. Bleh.

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